Gladiators on show

The Super Gladiators tent got their 2017 season off to a start last Sunday night at the Roy Byer Centre in Waterford, St Michael. With a good mix of seasoned and new calypsonians, the tent gave a good offering to the much appreciative audience.

The crowd truly enjoyed themselves at the Super Gladiators tent.

Calypso veteran Smokey Burke, a newcomer to the tent, gave a good showing of himself as he presented his two offerings for the season, Persona Non Grata and Portrait, which he dedicated to late artist Fielding Babb. He received encores for both his songs.

Smokey Burke

Julie, who made it to the semifinals of the Pic O De Crop competition last year, was also in fine form, giving good renditions of her 2017 songs Copy and Paste and Leaders.


Impact was also well received with Missing Calypso and Russian. Blank’s witty calypso Get Pun Dat was another hit with the audience; his second offering Save Kaiso was also good.




Besides Smokey Burke, other newcomers to the tent included former junior monarch, Honesty, who sang De Road Not The Place and Cobey Charles who sang Body to Body.


Other opening night performers were Papa Cloud, Princess Jan, De Sheriff, Prince Mikiyah and Akola.

Papa Cloud

2 Responses to Gladiators on show

  1. fedup June 15, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    A woman say dat de managers cudda really tell she bout d opening uh d tent..after all de wuk she do in changing de name from ‘The Village Gate’ to ‘The Roy Byer Center’. I hate ungrateful people and users. Leh duh wait fuh get in d semis. lol

  2. Peter June 15, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Wunnah cud axe Vipuh to copy another Guyanese National song, claim dat he write um an get Azeeza to plagiarize um like she did tuh GET de crown sumting like wuh Avianka Trump do tuh michelle Obama’s speech las year. an all dem white Amuricans luv she an tink she brilliant. but bettah still People like Denis an Carol does endorse pun de radio wid too much advertismentd bout demselves I hear a calypsonian writing a song bout how she nearly gey keep back in Dubai. dem call it recaptured, an placed in de zoo fuh safe keepiig. Weir had to negotiate fuh she release. All dat in de song.. Bottom line was dat dem mistake she fuh ah gorilla an captue she to keep as a well trained talking pet gorilla. Come man sing dah dey song nuh……


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