Call to save Pic-O-De-Crop

Veteran writer and calypsonian, Peter PJ Lovell, is appealing to the powers that be to save the Pic O De Crop finals by ensuring that only quality music goes forward to this premier Crop Over event .

Lovell,  best known for the 1980s calypso hit  Rice Gone Up, said he has observed over the years that the numbers in attendance have dropped at the finals and he believed it was due to the lack in quality music being presented.

Speaking last night at the press launch for the Stray Cats calypso tent at the Crane Resort, Lovell told reporters: “I was around calypso for a while now, the days when you go to the national shows and they held the semi finals at the Hilton and so on and it wasn’t a big thing. In 1982 it was Mr Harding and then I had Rice Gone Up and it captivated the interest of people.

Members of Stray Cat during the launch last night. From left to right, Price Razul, bandleader Keron Prescod, Tristan Beckles, Charlie Belle, Jerry Roberts, Peter PJ Lovell and Anthony Cheerman Waldron.

“. . . From that year on, you had thousands of people at the semi finals and finals. It is going down again. Last year you had 4 000 at the finals and at semi finals fighting to get 6 000. Why is it?” Lovell questioned, who then proceeded to answer the question, explaining that it was the quality music that drew the people.

“It was the songs that really captured the imagination of people and I think somehow along the line, we went away from songs and got just to personalities and they believing that these personalities are going to build the show. It’s the music that’s always going to attract people,” Lovell said.

“In the end, personalities might do it for a few years but if you keep on with(it), you are going to end having what is happening now. The crowds dwindling because they want something to stimulate their imagination and they are not getting it..,” Lovell added.

The tent, which opens next Saturday, is promising a quality show. Management believes it is going to be the Year of the Cats.

2 Responses to Call to save Pic-O-De-Crop

  1. Helicopter(8P) June 15, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Back in times we had music coming from Serenader, Informer,Rita, RPB, Invader, Classic and the music was good lyrics and music compo but these are different times they say Even the one song by Malik that year was some of the best social commentary surrounding local comedy! The music made you want to listen not just jump and wave!

  2. Bajan Dave June 15, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Sir, (you were my first games teacher at St. Michael’s) I am presently compiling some letters I wrote in the mid-90s on this same subject, and what you are saying now is exactly what I warned about back then. Because social commentary is not commercially lucrative, people aren’t making any serious effort to isolate issues and look at them in a comprehensive manner as they did in the 80s. Social commentary now is a quick summary of everything that has happened over the past year with no attempt made to examine any issue in depth. But that’s part of the evolutionary process when you decide to switch the emphasis to fashion rather than substance. Props to you for sticking with the art form.


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