Strange trend of mothers throwing out daughters, says PM

Mothers throwing out daughters - PM

The state agency charged with providing Barbadians with affordable housing is having difficulty coping with the high demand, according to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

Stuart told Parliament Tuesday when the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) took office in 2008 there were about 28,000 outstanding applications for homes at the National Housing Corporation (NHC).

And while he did not say if the number had declined since, the Prime Minister said the NHC continued to struggle to meet the growing demand because of a “strange trend” of mothers throwing their daughters with young children out of their homes.

“The problem threatens to become a lot more acute as a result of the fact that a strange trend has been developing in Barbados, and it is . . . the tendency on the part of the mothers of young daughters with children to ask them to leave the house along with the children and go and find accommodation somewhere else, saying that they can’t cope with the noise the children are making anymore.

“And that has created additional pressure because then these young mothers, along with their children, have to be housed somewhere, and the place to which they invariably turn is the National Housing Corporation. And all of this is happening in the context of a scarcity of financial resources to meet the demand,” Stuart said in his contribution to debate on the vesting of about 63,829 square feet of Crown land in Station Hill, St Peter in the NHC for housing development.

He said the situation was made worse by the fact that many of the mothers being evicted were unemployed “with dead-beat fathers [of their children], large numbers of children and the only place they can turn is to the state.

“And the National Housing Corporation has been put under enormous pressure as a result of that. I know what I am saying,” declared Stuart, while pointing out that in some cases Government also had to provide appliances.

Stuart said the issue was not a political one, and that successive administrations have attempted to tackle the problem without success.

Therefore, he said it was necessary that “we have to work out some kind of formula to accelerate the rate at which we can get houses into people’s hands”.

“The NHC has not been able to respond to the demand because demand has always outstripped supply in relation to housing in Barbados. The National Housing Corporation, and by extension the state, has been made to appear to be inefficient in that regard, but this is an issue with a long history and successive governments have tried their best,” the DLP leader explained.

Highlighting a number of projects across the island, Stuart gave the assurance that his administration was continuing to do what it could to help address the situation.

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  1. Mar Git
    Mar Git June 13, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Didn’t somebody said ‘bajans make more children!….?

  2. Tony Webster June 14, 2017 at 6:14 am

    Rip Wan Winkle awakes. “Scarcity of funds”…. is “enemy no.1″…the direct cause of all our miseries.…closely followed by “Mothers- who- throw-out their-daughters-syndrome”…cud be a new C.N.C.D. Don’t talk about the cause of the coming scarcity of votes…

  3. greengiant June 14, 2017 at 7:24 am

    So irresponsible of you lot who politicize everything, what the P M is talking about here is a genuine trend. The others never openly talked about this. Do you all realize this trend will if not tackled from the earliest stage will just create more deviant youth later? More targets for the drug lords, more robbers, more single helpless mothers. This is a situation we all as Barbadians should be addressing wherever we see the potential of it happening.

    These mothers are placing their daughters and grand children out, not because they can’t handle the crying and noises of young babies, but because these young girls are no longer providing money they might have been getting from the thugs before they were pregnant. Some of these mothers are so silly, because these guys come to their homes calling them ‘ mums, mummy ‘ and those things, giving the daughters a few dollars that may help pay a bill or place some food on the table, they believe these guys are respectable. That’s until they get the daughters pregnant, create arguments with the girls, because they have moved on to another vulnerable household with girls, the money dries up. So all they are left with is a daughter and a fatherless grand child, no income and back to square one.

    The solution is for us in the community to report these mothers to the police before it gets out of hand. Yes it is more our business than to watch two married but consulting adults having affairs. These mothers once reported and, investigated should be prosecuted and made to feel the full weight of the law. Mothers have been placing their young daughters up for sale for too many years in this country ( since the 1950’s ) from reports reaching me. Say whatever you like about fathers, we don’t do such things.

    • Fiona June 14, 2017 at 7:43 am

      You have got to be joking!!! You plan to report granny to police for someone who is living on granny’s property who does not contribute to household expenses but keeps adding to her expenses with more and more mouths to feed??? Plus in every case,you cannot be sure that the unemployed daughter is a) respectful or b)helpful. Granny bore her burden of raising these same young ladies. You mean to say when she finally gets them out of her hair, she must go through the whole experience again???

      My mom has a policy, if you are woman enough to be making babies, you are woman enough to support them. That no-nonsense stance has resulted in her three daughters delaying decisions to start a family until they had their own digs. I understand that accidents happen, but the heart of the matter is that as a young woman you are responsible for your own decisions.

    • Biscuits June 14, 2017 at 10:43 am

      I see your point.
      Yes some young women make a mistake…are forgiven…then welcomed back into the fold where they make amends and their children are raised in a loving environment.
      Then there are those who make a mistake…are forgiven the first time…continue to make the same mistake…are disrepectful and unhelpful..and are eventually put out by ‘fed-up’ Mom.
      BUT those to whom @greengiant is referring, are those whose mothers utilize them as business investments and at the end of their shelf life, are put out to pasture with their children and find themselves at the mercy of the state.
      And yes, that latter group does exist and unfortunately seems to be growing.

  4. Alex Alleyne June 14, 2017 at 7:36 am

    What are you all doing (PM,AG,POLICE CHIEF) about ever so often these young girls going missing and then showing up with no one going to court or even Jail.
    These young girls are seen by some as “ITEMS WHO BECOME FLAVOR OF THE MONTH”. In the end it ends up just like you saying now , Mothers put them out with their youngsters into the streets.

  5. Jea Alleyne June 14, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Lessons to be learned…..As Fiona said, my mother had the same policy, if you are old enough to have childen, you should be woman enough to look after them.

    Furthermore, the system here is slow in providing housing for those in need. A young woman was on the housing list for 8 years, when her file was opened the only piece of paper in it was the application for housing, no futher work had been done for that length of time…….

    Its bad advice to encourage people to have children without first having some stable home and financial stability in order to raise them, Mr MP !!

  6. just observing June 14, 2017 at 9:39 am

    In many cases these young women are unemployed, getting child after child . Many of them are disrespectful to the same mothers who are working hard to to support them and their bunch. Not helping with housework and poor mother cannot open her mouth in her own house. Check when they are taken in by other reatives or friends. They don’t stay there too long . Out on the streets again because they take same dirty ways there and expect others to accept. I don’t mind if you have made a mistake in life and are willing to pull yourself together, look for work or help out in the home but I working hard to support you and kids and you showing no respect. Hit the road jack!

  7. Milli Watt June 14, 2017 at 11:37 am

    part ronald jones is……….look try and mek some room at yuh place for de young girls you and de PM could put to use that increase in salary

  8. greengiant June 14, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    @ Fiona, Buiscuits stated clearly who i’m referring to. The mothers who use their daughters as pawns to bring money into the house and dispose of them when the money dries up.

    For those mothers who are disrespected by their children, I have found that those mothers never possessed self respect. If you disrespect your daughter, then she will eventually disrespect you. It’s that simple. Just yesterday I encountered a situation with the mother of a young boy who just sat the common entrance. She complained that she can’t control him. Well she sat back and allowed the grand mother to raise the child because it gave her the freedom to roam, party, smoke weed and the lot. All this in the boy’s presence, now she has the second child, she finds the boy is not listening to her. He is the relative of my partner, used to come to our home and would head straight to our daughters rooms. After my strong intervention, that he doesn’t enter the girls rooms, and that whenever he comes over he brings a school book or I would set him school work, he suddenly stopped coming over. The grandmother I understand said, “i’m too controlling and he gets work at school “.

    Well my partner is suggesting that we take him from that environment, and bring some structure and discipline to his life. I know what I should do, I also know what I can get done where he is concerned, but my main challenge is with the grandmother who used his mother as a pawn, then held onto him because his father used to give her the money for the child. The father is no longer employed, so she has now withdrew her interest and has left the mother unable to cope with the boy. Many adults constantly accuse the youth of being unruly, disrespectful, and several other things, but we the adults are the ones failing our children. We had better, and more competent parents who took responsibility for our development even when life for them was difficult. The single mothers and grand mothers back then were gems compared with these today. Go to the police stations, hospitals, court rooms, Dodds yard, or the grave yards any day and you will see what i’m talking about. They used to lambaste the men, and talk about deadbeat dads, but all the deadbeat dads are products of dead end mothers, and I make no apology for saying this.

    • Leroy June 14, 2017 at 2:25 pm

      You have many points there that i respect greengiant, all i can add is that im grateful my mother cut my ass til it sore and that my father talked and lectured to me til the cows came home.

      oh,,they are a few mother and fathers who try but if both parents arent on the same page then you hv a problem.

      Case in point, a teenage girl 17, wants to go out with friends and go cruising which the mother is accepting of but not the father, believe you me,,that father has hell to get that girl inline and focus on school as long as her mom erodes his rules and allows the girl to just drift at that critical age where sexual urges and peer pressure is at its highest , and it goes both ways.
      What all this confusion shows is that, no one person can get a child on their own and everyone must play their part in raising said child.

  9. straight talk June 14, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    A lot of those girls want putting out, they breed for idiots that just want to walk bout thee road with their pants below their a## look so stupid and thee smell of them would kill yuh. These young girls are browlling bombastic common and have no respect all they do is add additional burden and thee mothers are right to put them out.


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