Principals hail schools’ performances

 Principals of the schools in the east of the island are satisfied with the results of students who recently sat the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination.

Principal of St Margaret’s Primary Glendene Hayde told Barbados TODAY she had a small class of nine students and the results in Mathematics ranged from 49 to 95, while students got English marks between 35 and 85.

“As usual, St Margaret’s did really well. The students who you thought would have had some challenges, their teacher worked extremely hard and they were able to do well. We normally do well in Mathematics [but] they normally do better in the grammar paper, so that was a surprise this year,” she said.

Commenting on Minister of Education Ronald Jones’ satisfaction with the improvement in Mathematics performances across the island, Hayde said she believed teachers had listened to his previous complaints about students not doing well in that paper.

“And if you love your students and they are weak in an area, you will work with them to make sure that students are well rounded and prepared,” she added.

Over at St John’s Primary, principal Omeita Hinds said she was happy with her students because they had to work extremely hard to attain their results.

A total of 19 students did the exam – 10 boys and nine girls. The top girl will be heading to the nearby Lodge School.

Hinds said, however, that some of her students were not pleased with their performances.

“They had hopes to go to another school but I believe they will go to the school they have been allocated to and perform well. Some of them are going with very high marks,” she said, adding that “students [across the island] performed very well, so I believe the cut off mark was probably higher”.

Meanwhile, at Hilda Skeene Primary, principal Ivan Clarke said the results were “generally good”.

Hilda Skeene Primary, principal Ivan Clarke

“We had some students that were working below the level and we had a number of special needs children who would have done the exam. On average, we did pretty well,” he said.

Clarke said there has been an increase in Mathematics scores over the years and while he believed the students could do better, “I am of the opinion that children gave of their best”.

Principal at Reynold Weekes Primary Anderson Bishop told Barbados TODAY that he was overjoyed, as students from the school scored well above the national average, with the top boy getting 95 in English and 92 in Mathematics, while the top girl scored 94 and 99 in the papers.

Principal of Reynold Weekes Primary Anderson Bishop

“Our school performed very well again,” he said, adding that while he had not received information about the top performers overall so far, the school could have a repeat of last year when it was among the top five.

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