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Magistrate refuses fourth bail request from man charged with robbing tourists

A young man accused of stealing more than $7,500 in items and cash from tourists earlier this year, remains on remand at HMP Dodds despite a fourth round of strong arguments from his attorney for him to be released on bail.

Amal Sudheer Jordan, a 22-year-old who is listed on the police charge sheet as having no fixed place of abode, is accused of robbing Max Kessel of a digital camera, a camera bag, a haversack and BDS$180 in cash, as well as an iPhone, a bag, a speaker, a pair of pants, a pencil eraser and book belonging to Constantijn William, valued at a total $2,438.10, on February 12.

He is also charged with stealing a bag, a cellular phone, a pair of sunglasses, a wallet and US$200 belonging to Sam Corbin, as well as a bag, two cellular phones a wallet and money belonging to Predrag Vojvodic, on January 29. Those items had a combined value of $4,890.07.

Jordan has denied all the charges.

When his case resumed in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this week, police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid informed Magistrate Douglas Frederick that the Crown was not in a position to proceed with the case yet and
was requesting another adjournment.

He said his objections to bail “remain the same”.

However, Jordan’s lawyer Romario Straker made yet another bail application.

“It’s been four months, Sir. . . . I believe that the scales of justice ought to balance by now, Sir. This young man cannot be expected to continue on remand indefinitely,” he submitted.

Magistrate Frederick pointed out that the allegation was that Jordan had brandished a weapon, causing persons at Batts Rock to scamper, including tourists.

However, Straker said if that was the case then his client would have been charged with “aggravated burglary” and “that was not the case”.

“He is willing to submit to any conditions, Sir. Curfew, Sir, anything. He is a first-time offender,” the attorney said.

However, he could not convince Frederick who responded that the time had “not expired yet”.

Straker counter that while he understood that the procedure would be a drawn out one because the complainants were not based locally, “what I don’t understand is why Mr Jordan has to sit on remand all of that time.”

Again, Magistrate Frederick pointed to another of the prosecution’s objections to bail – that Jordan’s arrest was a significant breakthrough in investigations into a number of burglaries in the Batts Rock area.

“That is puff, Sir, and the court cannot rely on puff to keep the young man on remand, Sir. To say that it was a significant breakthrough, Sir…there are persons that are still being robbed down Batts Rock today and he is on remand.

“There is no evidence to indicate to this court that he will go and commit any other offences. Nothing before the court that suggests this is a young man that has the propensity to continue to do these acts,” the defence attorney further submitted.

However, the magistrate said the prosecutor would be given a timeline to work with, as they could not return with the same explanations.

“This confuses me. I feel like I am standing on the Tower of Babel right now,” Straker said just before the magistrate remanded Jordan to HMP Dodds for another 28 days.

The accused returns to the No. 1 District ‘A’ Criminal Court on July 5.

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