Long wait for dismissed LIAT pilot

Nearly six years after his dismissal from the company, a former LIAT pilot says he is sick and tired of waiting for justice.

And lawyers for the former President of LIAT’s pilots’ union, Captain Michael Blackburn, have now filed an application in the Antigua High Court complaining about the long wait for the industrial court in St John’s to issue a ruling in the matter.

Blackburn, who resides here at Westmoreland, St James, has applied for judicial review, claiming that the industrial court had not only failed to render judgments but also to inform him and his attorneys of “a reasonable timeframe” on or within which judgments will be rendered with respect to his November 24, 2014 trial and the January 14, 2015 counter-application filed by LIAT.

When contacted Friday afternoon, Blackburn confirmed to Barbados TODAY that action had been filed by his Grenadian attorney Ruggles Ferguson on May 17 this year, against the president and members of the industrial court, which is led by Charlesworth Brown.

Blackburn, who also complained about his long wait for justice, wants the High Court to declare that the position of the industrial court is “unreasonable, irrational, highly prejudicial to him and contrary to the law”.

He is also asking for costs and any other relief to be rendered as the High Court deems fit.

His initial suit was filed back on June 18, 2013, charging that his dismissal on December 5, 2011 after serving the company for over 33 years as a pilot was unfair.

Blackburn, who worked briefly for Caribbean Airlines after he was forced out of LIAT has been out of a job for the past four years and in a letter to the Registrar of the industrial court, dated March 14 this year, members of his legal team had also said their client was “anxious to have the matter completed as his financial and other circumstances had become quite dire”. 

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