Soca Chippers to ‘Jamm On’

The Soca Chippers Foreday Mornin’ band is promising revellers an unforgettable experience on the road this year and in a most affordable way.

With packages including frontline and backline costumes which do not exceed BDS$200 in total, the band said its aim is to seek favour with not only its faithful repeat chippers but with new revellers as persons seek value for money.

This year’s costumes for Soca Chippers Foreday Mornin’ band.

Since 2009, Soca Chippers has consistently provided a well-organized, safe, completely enjoyable and modern Foreday Mornin’ experience for its growing membership.

In 2015, participation reached an all-time high with approximately 550 persons on the road.

“The focus this year is not on growth but customer retention”, say the bandleaders, who are excited about the band’s 2017 concept themed Jamm On.

The band will not be pushing to increase numbers this time around but rather to increase loyalty by making every element of the Foreday experience unforgettable for its loyal revelers from sign-up to a complete hot breakfast after an amazing jump.

That’s not to say new members are not welcome to join the Soca Chippers’ family, the organizers say. “It’s one love and unity on the road.”

Chippers this year can expect an improvement of the already fantastic on-the-road experience, safety and security, more drinks, more goodies, more mud, more paint and plenty vibes.

Soca Chippers is also offering special packages for in-bound tourists as well as hotel transfers so that regional and international soca junkies can take the hassle out of travel.

The band launched online in early June and the response by viewers has been excellent, the organizers reported.

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