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Man begs for leniency on cocaine apparatus charge

A man with no fixed place of abode will call HMP Dodds home for the next six months.

Wayde McLloyd Grant was sentenced to that time in prison after he pleaded guilty to the unlawful possession of apparatus for the misuse of cocaine.

But even before Magistrate Douglas Frederick could read his charge as he stood in the dock of the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, Grant was begging for leniency.

“I going to get unfair. I getting unfair with everything. Give me a week or something so, no six-month nothing,” pleaded Grant as he also complained about the handcuffs hurting his hand.

Police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid, in outlining the facts, told the court that police were on patrol along Broad Street, The City, when Grant was seen in the area of the Bank of Nova Scotia behaving in a disorderly manner.

The lawmen approached him, and as they got near, Bishop was seen removing an object from his pocket and throwing it away. The item, a small bottle, was retrieved.

“I bought that for a dollar and I does use the bottle to smoke cocaine,” Grant told police at the scene.

Thursady, he requested that the magistrate impose minimal jail time for his crime.

However, his request fell on deaf ears as Magistrate Frederick slapped a six-month sentence on the 44-year-old man.

“Man, every time Crop Over come wunna does send me up . . . . Can’t get my money,” Grant complained as an officer escorted him out of the No. 1 Criminal Court.

In another matter, this time at the District ‘D’ Magistrates’ Court, a 38-year-old man was remanded to the St Philip penal institution after appearing on a theft charge.

Nicholas Brian Bishop of Hoyte’s Village, St James is accused of stealing five packs of bread from a Sol Service Station.

He denied the charge when he went before Magistrate Ian Weekes.

However, police prosecutor Sergeant Derwin Thompson objected to him being released on bail, based on his antecedents.

Sergeant Thompson said Bishop had 38 prior convictions, most of which were for theft.

Bishop makes his second appearance on July 5.

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