‘I need help’

serial thief also admits to being gay

A 25-year-old man who admitted to a string of buglaries in the Strathclyde area began a three year sentence at HMP Dodds today.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick handed down the ruling to Anderson Demar Hunte of Quarry Road, Bank Hall, St Michael who confessed to ten charges in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

Hunte admitted to entering Prestige Accounting Inc., twice as a trespasser. On the first occasion between May 23 and 24 he stole a television set, a laptop, a tray of chocolates and a jar of coffee. On his second visit on June 2, he stole a camera, a memory card, a cellular phone, four rolls of garbage bags and a quantity of cleaning supplies.

The unemployed man also admitted to entering the home of Samuel Gibbons as a trespasser with intent to commit theft sometime between May 31 and June 4. During that same time he entered the house of Steve Griffith as a trespasser and stole two shirts, a jacket, a DVD player, two pairs of shoes, a pair of earrings and $380 in cash belonging to Griffith, as well as a passport belonging to the Crown.

Hunte told the magistrate he also entered RJ’s City Restaurant and Deli as a trespasser between May 15 and 16 and  stole 15 juices, 55 drinks, three packs of bread, a large cooking oil, five packs of ketchup, three large milks, five packs of peas and a pack of rice belonging to Ruthann Brathwaite.

Between May 30 and 31 he entered the house of Elsie King as a trespasser and stole a toaster, a toaster oven, a blender, a knife, a mirror, a microwave and a quantity of foodstuff.

On June 4, he entered Dessie’s Caribbean and Local Cuisine as a trespasser, stole a television belonging to Desmond Marshall, a bicycle belonging to Eric Cumberbatch and a bicycle belonging to Emmerson Smith. He also loitered on the premises of the GM Yeadon Group arousing suspicion that he was about to commit theft; entered Elliot D Mottley and Company as a trespasser with intent to commit theft and also had in his possession an apparatus for the misuse of cocaine.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock, in summarizing the facts of the case, pointed out that the burglaries had occurred in the areas of Barbarees Hill, Quarry Road, Strathclyde and Bank Hall. He also noted that in most of the cases the culprit used the same modus operandi of entering through windows after the complainants had secured their properties.

Addressing the magistrate today, Hunte who is known to the law courts for burglary and theft, appealed for help for his “bad drug problem”.

He said while he had been ordered by the court to get help for his addiction at one of the island’s penal institutions, he was discriminated against because he is “a gay person”.

“I am a gay person and I have had it hard from young. I was abused and still getting abused and have been trying to seek help.

“The last time I did the drug programme, the psychologist
. . . every time I go to the class he was more getting into my lifestyle, my sexual lifestyle, my preference and making sport of it,” Hunte said.

It was at this time he became emotional and tried to explain that there were people “who had done worse stuff than me” and had received help.

“I really need some help with myself,” Hunte said.

However, the magistrate reminded him that this was not his first offence and he could not break into people’s houses and expect to be out in society.

“When you do things there are consequences,” Frederick stated adding, “I am not looking at your sexual orientation, I am talking to you as anybody out there who do these sort of things . . . . It is prison if you break into people’s place.”

The magistrate also informed Hunte that his chances of getting into a drug rehab programme had decreased significantly in light of his offences.

“Sir I need some kind of encouragement, some kind of help,” Hunte stressed.

“I start to go into some of the walk in programmes [on the outside] then I realized that I couldn’t keep up . . . and I started back smoking and then the drugs was just calling me and calling me,” he said.

The magistrate then imposed the sentence, which came in nine-month terms, four of which will run consecutively. The other five concurrently.

Hunte was also convicted, reprimanded and discharged on the loitering charge and given a concurrent six-month sentence for the apparatus charge.

2 Responses to ‘I need help’

  1. Mark Rosmar June 8, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Good Call Magistrate.

  2. Bobo June 8, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Bajans learn to look at the foundation of the ”cause ”–each human has been through the ”bad and ugly” — some are capable to overcome the ugly and move on their life in the right direction –hence stepping over the bad -and admitting the good to his/her life .

    Most civilized countries disturbed children (similar to this young man) are sent to rehab–He /she cannot enter society until he/she can prove their worth-Prison is not the answer, but it seems the Barbados justice system enjoyed sending young boys to Prison to get rape, one have to ask who is the criminal — the system or this young man.

    May God help Barbados Tax Payers

    Was this young man sent to Verdum House in St John


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