Band plans Gabby tribute

It looks like it will be another great and glamorous year for Kadooment band, Wednesday 2000, with its 2017 production themed Idolization.

The band, which lives up to its slogan ‘more fun than any other band’ and prides itself  on providing an unforgettable experience, is again promising the best of all things, great service, surprise treats and, of course, beautiful costumes.

Wednesday 2000 has been in the forefront in revolutionizing Kadooment in Barbados by, among other things, being the first to serve hot breakfast and full after party meals, the first to take krosfyah on the road, two live bands on the road, the first to take an air-conditioned cool down bus on the road and the first to undertake spectacular launches, all now the new norm.

Band leader Brian Corbin noted the band will have its usual base at Tiami Dockside, providing secure parking and facilitating hot served meals as well as shower and change and will be providing band members with the range of quality drinks from wine to the legendary and lethal Wednesday 2000 mix.

He said, “Our costumes, proudly all locally designed and made, are spectacular and top tier, but really well priced, providing our band members with affordability, beauty and quality.”

The costumes have been described as “glamorous”, “dramatic”, “sensual” and “colorful”. Corbin said interest was already high having just launched.

Idolization will pay tribute to the Barbadian maestro of folk and calypso, the Mighty Gabby, highlighting some of his most famous kaisos. Among the songs represented by this music legend and seven-time calypso king are Calypso, Miss Barbados, Gisela, Jack, Boots, Ole Ashe and Culture.

Costumes range from BDS$550 to $650 for women and are $500 for men.

Idolization will also feature a number of individual costumes, female and male and Wednesday 2000 expects to add to its many trophies over the years, including its six prizes last year.

The band is designed by the Holders.

Corbin noted that it was only fitting that an award winning band would pay tribute to an icon such as the Mighty Gabby as they both are staples of the Crop Over experience.

“Our excellent team is pretty much intact. We are a proven entity at delivering and there are always new additions to our product and service, including a new sound truck this year” he said.

Wednesday 2000’s band house is in Speedbird House, Independence Square.

This year, Wednesday 2000 is continuing its Foreday participation with Ebony & Ivory and Junior Kadooment with A Short History of St Peter. 

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  1. Percy June 8, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Is Gabby dead ?


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