The way forward

Solutions Barbados currently has 20 candidates. They are the most diverse and experienced set of individuals to ever offer themselves as candidates in Barbados’ general election. We are 13 men and seven women with 20 different careers. Most of us have over 20 years of professional experience, and all of us acknowledge God’s guidance in our lives.

Experience is very important, because everyone in business understands that they can only improve by learning from their mistakes, and the most consequential mistakes are normally made early in their careers. While managing a business is not the same as managing a Government department, there are many similarities. However, the most relevant experience in managing a national economy is managing a household with a home mortgage.

Regardless of the external environment, each member of the family has daily needs which must be attended to, the house needs to be maintained, and monthly expenses need to be paid. All of the household’s monthly expenses must be paid out of the money earned that month. If the monthly earnings are insufficient, then either more money must be earned, or expenses must be prioritized and the least important trimmed, or a combination of both.

Sometimes the family decides to purchase an item that requires a loan. Depending on the item, the loan may be a short or long-term loan. The loan repayments must then be added to the monthly expenses. If parents only pay the interest on the debt, then they are irresponsibly leaving the debt to their children to pay. If the parents take on too many loans, then they may not afford to repay the debt. It is reckless to simply ignore the household’s economic problems.

From Left, Grenville Phillips II, Reverend John Carter, Lana Toussaint, Betty Howell, Annie Weatherhead, Scott Weatherhead and Kenneth Lewis.

Our experienced politicians have generally managed Barbados’ economy like irresponsible and reckless teenagers who just qualified for credit cards. They have essentially bought too many things on credit that they could not afford, maxed out the credit card, and now do not have enough money to make the monthly payments. When confronted with their dire situation, they blame their parents, claiming that they somehow benefitted from their purchases. So they have resorted to secretly selling their parents’ belongings. They are so desperate that they are even planning to sell the Hilton Hotel. This would be comedic if it were not so close to the truth. It is finally time for us to admit that our children are irresponsible and not ready to handle the family credit card, despite their proud and confident boastings.Barbados, you are the parents. We are offering ourselves to serve you, to minister to you, to correct this economic mess that our children have gotten us into. We are asking you to consider us to represent you and your interests for the next five years. Our candidates who have selected constituencies follow.

Grenville Phillips II, structural engineer (with 25 years of experience), to represent the people of St George North. Andrew Banfield, computer software specialist (25 years), St George South. Robert Toussaint, manufacturer (25 years), St Michael North-East. Lana Toussaint, accounts (26 years), St Michael West. Angela Edey, beautician (33 years), St Michael West-Central. Betty Howell, home manager (30 years), St Michael East. Leighton Greenidge, electrical contractor (18 years), St Philip North. Ronald Lorde, businessman (25 years), St Philip South. Julie Chaldbaud, photographer (20 years), Christ Church South. Kenneth Lewis, joiner (29 years), Christ Church West-Central. Irvin Belgrave, public administrative officer (30 years), Christ Church West. Scott Weatherhead, Chief Executive Officer (25 years), Christ Church East-Central. Annie Weatherhead, general manager (20 years), Christ Church East. Andre Griffith, computer specialist (13 years), St James North. Daniel Chaldbaud, contractor, St James Central. Cherone Martindale, administrator (19 years), St John. Cherie Pounder, water resources scientist (ten years), St Andrew. Rev John Carter, businessman/teacher (40 years), St Lucy.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

9 Responses to The way forward

  1. jrsmith June 7, 2017 at 11:31 am

    So none of you is similar as wealthy as (Donald Trump ) , what makes me smile , is the god guidance bit you all look as like pastoral material , if everything you all would be doing you all would be consulting God , we are going to be in the ***t .. thats why we cant prosper in barbados , ……………………………….
    I was a democrat until 2 years ago , to the people of barbados if you all dont put (Mia) in to lead our barbados we are done……we have had enough of a try this and try that government , we dont need to be guinea pigs any longer………………………………

    • Rechelle June 7, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      Thumbs up!

  2. Sisleen Greene June 7, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    I will not vote for any member of the “close Brethren”.This is a group that owns many of the successful businesses on this Island who will proudly tell you they do not give donations to any cause.
    Now another wealthy leader of Solutions Barbados wants to ask us to support them.
    Wuh how any of them gine do something duh ain’t accustom doing and that is to canvass and speak to the same unclean people , they have been shunning all their lives.
    Solutions Barbados leader and his chosen, will be just like Trump and his millionnaire cohorts. Will only end up f——g up the nation.

  3. Sisleen Greene June 7, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    If some these candidates feel that they posses impeccable characters which will allow them to enter politics, they had better beware of the skeletons hiding in their closets. Bajans don’t let you live down your past deeds.

  4. Party party June 7, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    I was very intrested in this group until, the new candidates came along. You have a criminal in the crowd. Grenvill needs to do better background checks.

  5. Carlisle Norville June 7, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    i might be wrong in the perspective i am taking,’ but how does taking pictures, or being a computer programmer going to take Barbados’s out of the rut it is in,( this is NOT about if you go to church, or know the Bible its about believing in GOD, & having the necessary abilities & experience, to be able to make the right decisions in a time like this, may Almighty GOD help us

  6. Greengiant June 7, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    To you @jrsmith and the other supporters of the two major parties. I will always ask this question. What makes Ms. Mottley this so called anointed one to lead Barbados? You always talk about clean hands. Which politician from either leading party can you swear with certainty has clean political hands?

    So because some of these Solutions Barbados candidates may be of a particular faith, does that disqualify them from leading our nation? Do they serve a different God to anyone else? Support whoever you choose to lead this country, but don’t bring your discriminatory comments about a person’s faith, because you lot are the same ones who criticizes those who try to address sexual preferences, or sexuality when it suits you all.

    Solutions Barbados are the only party who has broken down the issues facing us in simple terms. The ordinary man in the street can understand what’s caused the problem when explained this way. Obviously you lot are fearful of this approach, so the panic buttons will result in the kind of responses i’m seeing here. I only hope that Solutions Barbados starts their campaign extremely early so as to get their message out there giving the masses the time to study the concept of governance being proposed.

  7. g June 7, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    Jrsmith & Rechelle: You must be aware of the line in our national anthem that acknowledges God’s guidance. Therefore, what possible reason could you have for rejecting people, simply because they choose to acknowledge God’s guidance in their lives?

    Further, have we not have enough of both the BLP and DLP getting Barbados into an unsustainable debt, and accusing the other of gross corruption while claiming to have evidence? Do you really want more of the same of that?

    Sisleen: We do not have any members of the close brethren as candidates. Further, we do not shun anyone. Where are you getting these ideas?

    Carlisle: Can you please explain why managing a successful business is not relevant experience? What do you consider to be relevant experience?

    Best regards,

  8. Bobo June 8, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Green Giant thank you for writing the truth–I am a great ready of this newspaper — when coming to comments most are –“”ignorance beyond means””
    I will advise all bajans if they want to continue being rob by the two political parties and their children Has no future– or their children hidden behind four square walls( prison)- that’s ok with me-

    My beloved Barbados needs a political change– to reinvent our black – white Ancestors integrity _ their visions to be the best –their focus to give their children the best– a political group who are humans first –who can provide a future for every tom dick and harry–

    “”political innovations “A country for the people with people – every tom dick and harry working together–

    to create and applied innovations-
    That is capable to work — and welcome the global world– hence
    a better education development- children–
    communities-releasing. Anxiety—civil servants working with disciple and respect– a complete police department –innovations–

    Bajans every time your material mind needs a change- don’t you- act upon it- par – ex-2-3 kg of false hair(( something that you don’t need)
    Bajans learn to focus on a better Barbados– when Barbados solutions began their campaign please take a visit– listen and learn– The future is all yours to reclaim your country–Barbados. Bajans time to learn about your Rights –Time
    stand up for your rights– to make that change–
    Barbados Solutions the salvation of. Barbados integrity–


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