Eversley on remand until address verified

A 28-year-old man will spend a week on remand at HMP Dodds, after appearing in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court Tuesday on three criminal charges.

Lamar Keelan Eversley, who was recorded as having no fixed place of abode, pleaded guilty to having in his possession, apparatus for the misuse of cocaine on June 2.

It is also alleged that Eversley stole a cellular phone worth $2,250, a handbag worth $22.50, a pair of headphones worth $150, a $15 scarf, a bottle of water worth $2.75, and two bottles of suntan lotion belonging to Katie Cochrane on March 20.

While he told Magistrate Elwood Watts he was not guilty of the charge, he was also not required to plead to the charge that on May 28, he stole a cellular phone belonging to Paul Ward. That offence allegedly occurred in the District ‘A’ jurisdiction and as such the accused will appear before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on Thursday to answer that charge.

In relation to the guilty plea, police prosecutor Sergeant Rudolph Burnett told the court that police were on duty in the area of Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church when they received a report about a stolen vehicle.

They went on patrol and saw Eversley running away for the vehicle which was parked in an open spot next to a house. He was pursued, apprehended and a search was conducted. The apparatus – a bottle – was found in his pants pocket. It was examined and found to have a white residue at the bottom. Police told him of their suspicion and he responded: “Officer, this is for when I smoking my dope.”

Eversley, who has four prior convictions, including \ criminal damage and theft, told Magistrate Watts Tuesday: “I would like to get a bond or bail.”

He said he had been working on a ZR van for three months but was currently out of work.

Asked why he had no fixed place of abode, he claimed that he lived with his mother in Haggatt Hall.

However, the magistrate informed him that someone would have to verify his address. He was then remanded until next Tuesday, June 13.

As he was being escorted out of the court by a police officer, Eversley told the magistrate that he would like a recommendation for Verdun House to take part in the drug programme there.

Magistrate Watts told him that he could raise the matter at his next court appearance.

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