A friend in need

Orleans resident caught with cocaine claims he was just doing a favour

A St Michael man who said he was doing a “favour” for a friend now has to complete 240 hours of community service if he wants to keep his criminal record clean.

Julian David Alleyne, of No. 31 Kensington Lodge, St Michael pleaded guilty before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to possession, possession with intent to supply and having a trafficable quantity of cocaine in his possession on June 5.

In outlining the facts in the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court Tuesday, Sergeant Martin Rock said police were travelling along 8th Avenue New Orleans, St Michael when they saw Alleyne sitting with another man. On seeing lawmen, Alleyne attempted to walk away but was intercepted. A search was requested and he consented and in his clenched fist were 29 pieces of a crystallized substance suspected to be cocaine. He admitted that he had the illicit drug for sale when asked to give an account.

But addressing Magistrate Frederick Tuesday, Alleyne said he had never sold nor used the drug. He claimed that a friend had given him the substance and asked him to “hold down the corner”.

The 39-year-old, who is not known to the law courts, admitted to the magistrate that he had made a “poor decision”.

Magistrate Frederick then imposed the community service on Alleyne who returns to court on September 29 to give a progress report.

In another drug case presided over by Magistrate Frederick, a 32-year-old man was put on a bond to keep the peace and be on good behaviour for the next six months.

If Daymond Laron Nicholls of Spring Farm, St Thomas breaches the order, he will spend three months at HMP Dodds.

Nicholls pleaded guilty to possession, possession with intent to supply and having a trafficable quantity on cannabis in his possession on June 4.

The drugs were found when police executed a search warrant at a residence where Nicholls was seen. Some of the lawmen approached from the back and observed Nicholls sitting near some banana trees. He was kept under observation while other officers approached the front of the house with the warrant. A woman then ran to the back and informed Nicholls that the police were at the house. He got up and police observed a green bag in his hand which he then threw away. Nicholls was apprehended and the bag was searched and found to contain 30 greaseproof wrappings of marijuana along with some cannabis seeds.

He admitted that the drugs, which had an estimate street value of $160, were his.

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