New soca energy for Crop Over  

Soka Kartel and Energy Band are no more. But welcome The Alliance.

During the annual Crop Over in the City last evening, former Soka Kartel front line singers Anderson Blood Armstrong and Michael Mikey Mercer announced that band members had gone their separate ways and the two had formed an alliance with Energy Band, which had a lone lead singer, Kirk Brown.

Mikey & Mr Blood

Mikey explained to Barbados TODAY how it came about.

“At the end of last year, the musicians of Soka Kartel parted ways. It wasn’t [any] big war or anything, we just decided we were going in two different directions. That was all well and fine; we wish them the best. We were approached this year by Kirk Brown and the Energy Band. They approached Andy and he called me and asked me what I thought about it. I asked him for a few days to let me wrap my mind around it and see if I thought it could work, marketing wise and so on. And from the time we said ‘yeah’, it was an instant synergy,” he said.

“Working with Kirk Brown surprised me as well. You know, you hear a lot of things, but he is so much fun, he’s a lot more fun than he lets on. He has such a positive energy, his work ethic is serious and within the three weeks we have learnt so much from each other. I think it’s going to be a fantastic ride. We love a challenge.

Blood said the alliance had brought “a brand new energy”.

“It feels great and we are just looking forward to pushing really hard for 2017. So far, the response has been extremely positive,” he said.

Adding that he believed the band would do well, he said: “It’s going to happen. The energy is there, the vibe is there and I think it’s going to happen in a really quick time.”

Mikey said the main focus now is going forward with positive energy.

“Positive energy is very real. And it seems that, individually, both Andy and I decided we are going forward positively no matter what. We didn’t even say anything, we just felt the energy,” he said.

The three front line singers Blood, Mikey and Brown already have a song together – I Love That – which is getting airplay.

And while they’re moving on, Mikey has not forgotten the support given to Soka Kartel which dominated the Party Monarch scene for four of the six years of the band’s existence.

“We had an extremely good run. In those six years, we have about ten titles combined. I think that’s pretty decent and I just want to thank the general public for supporting us. And we are looking forward to the continued support with The Alliance,” he said.

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