Squires get six months for stealing children’s clothing

A 44-year-old man will spend the next six months in prison for theft.

Roderick Blair Squires of Lower Estate, St George pleaded guilty Thursday before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to stealing two packs of boxers worth $60, two packs of vests worth $70 and twelve scarves worth $60 belonging to D&C Kids Store.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock explained that the store which is located at Nursery Drive Terminal in the City has been in operation for the past six years, selling children’s clothes and accessories.

On May 30, just after 3 p.m., the storeowner was sitting outside the establishment, next to a table displaying her merchandise, when she saw Squires approaching from the direction of Church Street.

As he walked past, his attire caught her attention, and she recognized that he was the same man who had stolen from the store previously. He later returned, stopped by the store and started beating on the table, saying “bring the police now; it’s me and you alone.”

The proprietor moved away and it was at that time that Squires removed the items from the table. The storeowner made a report to police the following day. Investigations were carried out and Squires was later found in the area of Hutson Alley, Reed Street, The City. He was taken into police custody and he admitted to the offence.

Thursday, when he appeared before the magistrate, his mode of dress again caught onlookers’ attention.

He wore a turquoise, sleeveless crop top that reached just under the chest area, leaving his stomach bare, and a pair of jeans.

After Squires pleaded guilty to the charge, the magistrate asked him whether the clothing he was wearing was also stolen.

“People want to dress like me and pretend is me, but it is not me,” Squires replied.

The sentence was then imposed and a restitution order made for the items to be returned to their rightful owner.

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