Mottley tried, tested and proven, says Belle

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has been given high marks for her three-hour reply Wednesday to Government’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals.

Political scientist Dr George Belle has described Mottley’s presentation as one of hope.

“We are not able to test her yet because she is not in Government, but she is conscious of the fact that people are looking for, as she said, hope . . . and that the Covenant of Hope, a thing that her party has presented. But it is also saying to the Barbadian population that we are prepared to give you hope.

“If you listen to the Government side, you just get despair. So you get despair versus hope . . . and the Leader of the Opposition presented hope,” Belle added.

The political scientist said Mottley was able to respond to a Government which is having a difficult time justifying what it has done and is about to do in terms of its budgetary proposals.

“So I think that in that sense, she had a field day in relation to the critique of that general problem that faced the Government,” the political scientist said.

In her reply to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s $542 million package of measures, Mottley, who presented herself as a Prime Minister in waiting, contended that the country was in need of “proper leadership”, and not the “most vicious tax take” ever to hit the country since the introduction of the taxation in 1941.

The BLP leader, who announced plans to introduce a cost of living allowance for public servants, also promised to tackle head on, the controversial printing of money by the Central Bank of Barbados to pay wages and finance Government’s programme, vowing a BLP Government would enact legislation to put an end to the practice.

She also pledged to establish a dedicated unit for the collection of taxes, remove unnecessary red tape that make it difficult to do business here, give the Fair Trading Commission more teeth, repeal the controversial Barbados Revenue Authority Amendment Act to provide for a different way of addressing tax compliance and form a Get Barbados Moving Again committee which she would chair.

Mottley promised to strengthen the Police Service Commission and take politics out of it, pass legislation to bring greater discipline and accountability to statutory boards, fix the court system, establish a commercial court to settle commercial disputes and put in place a framework for international arbitration.

Belle said it was a clear reflection of the concerns of the general public.

“I think she also showed a kind of confidence in the future by projecting in relation to what the Barbados Labour Party would do if it became the Government.

“It therefore gave her presentation an aspect of a developmental thrust and this is what has been lacking very much in the Government’s presentations  . . . [which] are very much like somebody who is trying to pass an exam . . .

“We have a problem with this area of the economy  . . . and we are addressing it in this way and that way and it is supposed to bring this kind of result,” he said in reference to the Government’s approach to the economic issues of the day.

“The Leader of the Opposition was able to respond to the weaknesses of that,” Belle added.

He noted that Mottley did not elaborate on the range of proposals which a BLP Government would introduce, suggesting it was a deliberate strategy on the part of the Opposition Leader to hold some matters to her chest until the election campaign.

“She did bring a developmental aspect to her presentation which has been lacking by the Government for a long time . . . that is to say, ‘how do you get a revision in Barbados, how do you therefore, in that sense, get confidence to return, how do you get growth . . . in other words, the more elaborate [approach] than what is currently being presented, where you kind of edging, edging along,” he added.

Turning to the issue of leadership, Belle said Mottley’s push in this direction was critical to the debate.

And in reference to the speech by Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss in which he also addressed the issue of leadership, Belle said it was an implicit warning about the “weak” leadership in his party.

“That you do not have anybody to go out there to explain to people what the Government wants to do and why they are doing it. Nobody is effectively doing that as a necessity because of the way in which the crisis is impacting on thousands of people,” Belle lamented.

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  1. Greengiant June 2, 2017 at 9:55 am

    How long can we listen to people like Belle, Wickham and others who represent the interest of parties and not the people.

    The D L P too came with a message of hope, change, transparency, integrity, leadership and accountability back in 2008. Prior to that the message was leadership, hope, change, transparency, integrity and accountability back in 1994.

    We got none of these from Arthur, Thompson or Stuart. Sadly Mottley was deputy to Arthur and a member of both government and opposition during these periods.

    Are we Barbadians going to elect a new government based again on the message of hope, leadership, change, transparency, integrity and accountability? Show us an action plan, tell us how you will get the public service dept reduced to acceptable levels, increase foreign direct investment, foreign trade and earnings, how you will tackle the national dept that you contributed to while in government, tell us your plan for financing university education, tell us your plans for the over weight statutory corporations. Give us some information with substance not HOPE.

    Hope just don’t cut it anymore Mr. Belle, so if you’re an adviser / supporter / Messenger of the opposition leader or party. Tell them that we will campaign against hope, because that only lead to hopelessness in the past. What the B L P and D L P really mean is they hope to give us leadership, accountability, transparency, change, and integrity. Time for promises has expired for both parties as solutions Barbados or a coalition government will give us leadership, accountability, transparency, and integrity. I really HOPE we the people make the CHANGE.

    • Randolph June 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm

      Green giant you are living under a rock.

  2. David Brathwaite June 2, 2017 at 11:55 am

    What have you heard from Solutions Barbados to suggest that they are anything more than vague talk? I am very disappointed by how intellectually empty they are.

    And talk of a coalition government is just a recipe for chaos. Just check Italy that seems to have elections every few months.

  3. Bobo June 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    David Brathwaite —what Italy has to do with Barbados– Since the end of the second world war Italy Politics are in shambles– on the other side ”education is tops” self employment is tops–Italian 21st generation are speaking 3-4 languages –perfect English, job wise- they are travelling all over the universe. Please don’t touch Italians politics– you will need a generation to understand.

    Brathwaite Psycho mind–Barbados solutions the founder Mr G Phillips do speak and write proper English — if you dont understand Mr Phillips visions for Barbados –take time up and ask him for an appointment –”who knows” face to face drinking a nice cup of bush tea I guarantee you will understand his intellectually English better —listen and learn.

    Folks — Barbados titled intellects are staunch BLP-they have no love for the locals -what the hell you want Mr Belle write

  4. Patrick June 2, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    There goes Belle singing for his supper, He has not been able to get over that 15.000 job the DLP terminated

  5. Randolph June 2, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Please call the election.

  6. Johnathan June 2, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    BOBO #therealclown.

  7. Mark Adamson June 3, 2017 at 2:38 am

    Below is a copy of a Facebook post that was done by me yesterday and partly shows up Dr. George Belle for the nonsense he believes in.

    Also, far from providing hope Mottley thrives on too much negative and despair.

    Anyhow the following.


    In her Wednesday reply to the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposal 2017, BLP leader, Mia Mottley, presented a number of ideas to the House of Assembly of the Parliament of Barbados.

    Included in them were a cost of living allowance to public workers, a minimum living income for every household, and legislation to stop the Central Bank from “investing in government paper”( Daily Nation newspaper, Thursday, June 1, 2017).

    Now, having severely criticized the Minister of Finance for imposing greater levels of Taxation on the receipts of thousands upon thousands of Tax victims in Barbados; over how he “inflicted the largest dose of TAXATION ever in the history of this country, since TAXATION was introduced in 1941 (a lie there), on the people of Barbados”, and therefore how “manufacturers will struggle to meet their costs, unemployment will rise”, etc., this WORST, POOREST, WEAKEST BLP Leader EVER, upon consideration of those idiotic TAXATION measures – did not even drop a hint that a BLP government WILL REVERSE ALL THOSE ADDITIONAL TAXATION measures.

    Why did she NOT?? If Mottley felt so strongly so passionately about such measures, why did she not even hint that a BLP government WILL REVERSE ALL THOSE idiotic TAXATION measures?? Why not?? Was she not advised by Dr. Clyde Mascoll to say so in her reply??

    Furthermore, it is preposterous that Mottley – after having severely criticized those TAXATION increases – did NOT provide any iota of ALTERNATIVES to them whatsoever. Also, it is tragic – though not surprising – that Mottley did not outline any ALTERNATIVES to those evil TAXATION measures.

    Right away she lacks credibility on these issues!!

    Furthermore, too, this DULLEST and MOST UNINSPIRING OF BLP leaders cannot reasonably be seen proposing to get monies/credits from the local financial system to finance these public worker allowances and to finance this basic income for households – WITHOUT – at whatever times – inceasing TAXATION and/or increasing the debt burdens of the government borrowing finance. CANNOT!!

    Again, Mottley has serious credibility issues on these matters, given her carping criticisms of the implemented TAXATION and BORROWING policies of this DLP government.

    Now, given that government (DLP/BLP) continue to borrow a legislated, limited amount of finance from the Central Bank of Barbados via the Ways and Means Account at the Bank, it is again preposterous and illogical for Mottley to continue to attempt to lead the general public of Barbados into falsely believing that there would be no more so-called printing of money by DLP/BLP governments once the BLP brings legislation to stop the so-called printing of money, when it has long been the truth that government continues to borrow from the Central Bank of Barbados via that said account, and when government could – under the relevant legislation – dictate that certain financial institutions (money banks, credit unions) take up a substantial amount of government paper at certain times.

    Now, clearly the perceived problems helped created by so-called printing of money will not be solved when the government continues to borrow from the Central Bank of Barbados or when the government demands that certain financial institutions, and, even the NIS, are to take up an amount of government paper which is to help fund public sector wages and salaries, pensions, fund transfers to certain bodies like the UWI, the receipts of business people doing business with government, etc., and where the local recipients of such funds/receipts have no control whatsoever over what foreign currency/credit denominations exporters of goods and services to them (the local recipients of such funds/receipts) wish for themselves (the exporters).

    So, based on some of the ideas of Mottley, it is absolutely and patently clear how MASSIVELY she FAILS at dealing with some of the fundamental political financial and material problems facing this country.

    What a horrendous farce for a BLP leader!!



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