Khiomal releases single

In 2008, Khiomal Nurse Unleashed The Beast, stole our hearts and took the title of Party Monarch.

Since then, he has been a staple at many Crop Over events. But for the last few years, his voice has been missing from the airwaves for new songs, and his upbeat and energetic dance moves have been missing from the competition stage.

This year though, the ever-humble Khiomal is back! Not to competition but he has made his contribution to the festival though his new song Part Ah We.

The song, which was released earlier this week, has already been receiving decent airplay and has fans buzzing on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Bajan Vibes, Khiomal said it felt good to make a contribution to the festival this year.

“I have made my contribution. Just to do something. But I won’t be participating in competition and stuff like that. Still will be performing with the band. I am not going to do competition,” he said.

Will he be back to competition? Khiomal said, “I don’t ever want to go on record for saying I am not going to do anything because you should never say never. It’s just a matter of how my spirit is at the point in time. Right now I don’t feel the motivation to do so. From a business perspective, I don’t feel the need to invest so much and you don’t get the returns. It doesn’t really make sense from a business perspective for me at this point. “

But just what has he been up to in the time he has been away from the competition stage? Khiomal has been putting other talents to work and focusing on entrepreneurship. And he has still been performing with Krosfyah so he’s still on stage somewhat.

“I’ve been in entrepreneur mode for the last couple years. I have a little business called Yumz and Crumz that I’ve been focusing on and I have another business that I’ve been focusing on. So I’ve been busy with that. So I’m still an artiste to some point but not in the full aspect where I really gotta push and push to do things and being competitive and so on. Right now my mind isn’t to that,” he explained.

Khiomal still keeps his ears to the crowd and stays close to the Crop Over happenings.

“I’m still enjoying the season. I’ve been hearing some pretty nice songs. I’m hoping to actually jump for the first time ever in my life. I’ve already registered with a band. I’m going to be going to the fetes and stuff like that. I still make it out to Soca Royale and stuff like that. I still work behind the scenes with a lot of artistes. I do a lot of background vocals in studio for recordings. I also help put together presentations for a few people,” he said.

Khiomal said he was glad to see so many young people taking part in the festival now.

“There’s a door opened now for bashment soca and there’s a market for that. People really respond to it. You’re going to be hearing a lot more of that type of music. I’m still seeing one or two artistes doing some ragga soca. I think that people are participating. I think you have to worry when youngsters aren’t participating. You’re not seeing a lot of artistes participating in the social commentary side of things but that’s a whole different competition altogether. But I think we should have a good season,” Khiomal added.

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