Elderly St James resident gets relief for now

The cries of 85-year-old Edlin Chandler have been answered, and she no longer has to tolerate the stench and health hazards associated with stagnant water near her home – at least for now.

The Husbands, St James street after the water had been pumped.
The area before the water was pumped off.

The elderly Husbands, St James resident was rejoicing yesterday after workers from the Drainage Division of the Ministry of Environment Water Resource Management and Drainage pumped the water off.

She got relief just minutes before a Barbados TODAY team arrived to speak to her about the issue which  she said she had endured for several weeks.

Chandler said she had turned to the media after reaching her breaking point, but was happy her cries had finally been heard.

“This water was in front me for five weeks till this morning,” she said, although noting that some of the muck remained.

Chandler, who uses a walker to get around after having surgery on both feet, said a well in the area had not been cleaned for about 17 years, and that was the cause of the problem.

The smelly water had affected her social life, she said, as she could no longer sit in her porch to enjoy the fresh breeze. Chandler said it also impacted visits she usually got from members of her church.

“The people from church would like to come and give me a little service or sacraments, but they [couldn’t] because of the water,” she said.

Despite the relief Chandler is now getting, another resident in the area suggested that it was only a matter of time before the problem surfaced again and it would affect them as well.

“When the rain falls, the same stagnant water comes over the sidewalk and comes into my cellar. Right now, the drain is supposed to be going from this well to the next gap, but it is backed up and the well is not sucking fast enough,” the resident complained. 

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