No bad blood between DeeVine and Nikita over same song saga

London-based Barbadian soca artiste Denise DeeVine Walke-Phillips has no ill-will towards fellow Barbadian singer Nikita who recently released a song she had already recorded two years ago.

But she feels hurt and disrespected following the explanation given by the man who wrote the song and gave it to both of them, Trinidadian Jason Shaft Bishop.

In a release from his management yesterday, Bishop said he simply forgot he had given the song to DeeVine back in 2015, though he stressed that he had all the rights to the composition.

“From a legal perspective, Shaft owns 100 per cent of the publishing rights, as he wrote and composed the song, which means that DeeVine does not own any such rights to the song. He, therefore, is legally allowed to give his song to another artist. DeeVine released Da Same Way in 2015 and owns 100 per cent of the master rights of that version. Similarly, Red Boyz recorded Nikita and together own 100 per cent of the master rights of this 2017 version of Same Way. Shaft did not remember DeeVine had done the song before and, consequently, was unable to inform the Red Boyz and Nikita of such,” the release stated in part.

However, in an interview today with Barbados TODAY, DeeVine said that while she was doing “fine now”, she felt hurt and disrespected after hearing Bishop’s statement.

She said she initially thought it was a joke when she found out about Nikita’s version of the song a few days ago.

“I got a phone call within minutes of the song being released . . . . I really did not believe it,” she said, adding that Bishop contacted her later that same day and said he “was sorry and wanted to fix the situation”.

With regard to his full explanation, she opted not to comment further.

DeeVine also did not reveal if she would be taking legal action against the songwriter.

However, she added: “The whole situation is and looks very unprofessional.”

DeeVine disclosed that she has been in contact with Nikita since the controversy began and she has called on the public not to cry her down.

“No artist should have to go through what we are going through. I believe she is an innocent party in this situation. Please do not attack her,” she appealed.

DeeVine also thanked those who have come to her defence on social media.

“I would like to tell people that I am truly grateful for all of their support and hope that they will continue to support me and my music,” the singer added.

Despite the controversy, she is looking forward to returning to Barbados in a few weeks for the Crop Over festival.

And while the situation understandably has her bothered, she is looking ahead to greater things, including promoting her 2017 soca music which is already receiving airplay in Barbados.

“My new bashment soca, POLE, has already been playing on Barbados radio. I just released another one and have a groovy [soca song] coming out soon. I have already started [promoting]. I have a calypso tent and the Reading Carnival performances this [Spring] bank holiday weekend [in the UK],” she revealed.

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