‘My fault’

Songwriter clarifies mystery surrounding same song

An unfortunate mix up led to two Barbadian artistes releasing the same song, written by the same person, albeit two years apart, according to lyricist Jason Shaft Bishop.

Soon after Nikita released Same Way on Monday, it was discovered that Britain-based Deevine had released the song as We De Same on YouTube in 2015.

The revelation created quite a stir on social media as Barbadians tried to figure out what went wrong.

Bishop Wednesday cleared the air, saying in a statement released by his management he simply forgot he had given the song to Deevine.

Shaft was not aware that the song had been released and there was not much traction with it then. In 2017, De Red Boyz asked Shaft if the song was available. Shaft informed them it was free to use. Unfortunately, he did not have a proper classification system at the time and genuinely forgot that he had sent the song to Deevine two years earlier,” the release said.

The Trinidadian writer’s management made it clear it was Bishop, not Deevine, who owned the publishing rights to the song, although it acknowledged that the British-based singer owned the master rights to her version, while Nikita owns similar rights to the 2017 version.   

Shaft regrets he did not have a system in place then to prevent such and is truly sorry for the stress this may have caused all parties involved.”

Earlier Wednesday, one of the producers of the Nikita version, Mike Hulsmier of De Red Boyz, took to Facebook to defend the artiste, saying she would never have recorded the song had she known it had already been done, although they had done their due diligence.

“We just wanted to be sure because we would hate to do something especially for an artiste like Nikki who is now trying to find her feet, and get things going, then to have a drama like this unfold. Having found nothing we were confident it wasn’t done before and went ahead with it. Nikita was absolutely over the moon with it. We think she did a great job on the track and we were excited about it,” he said, adding that Nikita was “absolutely heartbroken” when she discovered that the song had already been recorded.   

Hulsmier pointed an accusing finger at Bishop, saying the writer was the only one at fault.

“I understand everyone is upset at Shaft and rightfully so . . . . I don’t know how he’s going to plan to rectify this, [but] I think he needs to do so,” the music producer said.

Bishop has written a number of winning soca songs in the past for well-known Barbadian artistes, including Hot Sun and Riddim by TC, All Ah We by Peter Ram, and Home Sweet Home by Biggie Irie.

Meanwhile, Nikita told Barbados TODAY Tuesday afternoon she had left the issue in the hands of her attorneys to negotiate a resolution.

“My management, the lawyers, producers, singers, we are all looking to resolve the issue. Just give us a chance to handle the situation without sharing and commenting on thing that they don’t know about. We are trying to do it in a professional manner without blowing it even more out of proportion,” she said.

In a video posted on her Facebook page Wednesday, Nikita gave a more detailed explanation, saying she had “paid for a song that was presented to me as a new song”.

“This is the only reason I started the recording process of the said song,” she said.

In a direct response to those seeking to blame her for not reading the fine prints of her contract, the singer said no contract was signed for the purchase of a song, only when it was released and registered with the copyright agency.

“So those who may have had malicious intent in saying, ‘Nikita should have read the contract, she should know her rights, she should know what she doing, etc’, I know my rights, I know what I’m dong, my head is screwed all the way on.”

She also appealed for an end to attacks on those involved, including Bishop.

“In the future should this happen again, please be a bit more sensitive when it comes to talking about the details of the situation that quite frankly is none of your business,” she said.

Meanwhile, veteran soca artiste Bunji Garlin weighed in on the controversy, saying it should serve as a lesson to young singers.

Bunji Garlin, who together with his wife Fay-Ann Lyons has built a massive soca empire over the years, told Barbados TODAY Nikita must draw strength from the setback.

“There are artistes that go through way worse and still fight again to do the business. They figure it out. I’m not making any excuse for anybody. Every artiste’s journey has pitfalls in it. You have to know how to treat the pitfalls and you have to learn how to make examples of the pitfalls. It really comes down to what the artiste wants to do and how they want to do it,” said Garlin, who was here for the launch of the 1Love concert..

“I would say to any artiste that going through something like this, don’t let this be the catalyst for the end of your thing. Let this be a steppingstone. Find your self. Maybe the person talented and don’t need to have a songwriter. Maybe they have their own skill and haven’t discovered it yet. So you have to encourage them to look within,” he stressed.


10 Responses to ‘My fault’

  1. Lol guy May 25, 2017 at 4:22 am

    It sounds like somebody got Shafted

  2. Marcelle Kelly
    Marcelle Kelly May 25, 2017 at 5:08 am

    Sing ya tune Nikki

  3. Bajan May 25, 2017 at 8:10 am

    “Frankly is none of your business.” Girl are you serious? IT’s OUR BUSINESS when you try to play us like that…YOUR reputation is all you have in the entertainment industry and it is damaged now. If it was politics you would survive cause people expect this type of behaviour from politicians. But your arrogance and disrespect for your fans and the listening public will not serve you good. This is how we will remember you for the rest of your life.

  4. Realist May 25, 2017 at 9:37 am

    HA ha ha ha, he he he … everybody wants a hit from de shaft … lazy a** people can’t write their own songs.

  5. Starks May 25, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Let the public vote on which one should stay , via a facebook poll ?!??

  6. Greengiant May 25, 2017 at 10:34 am

    In the music industry they’re singers, writers, arrangers, managers, studio musicians who work on different people’s music in different studios, and back up singers who does the same.

    It’s an industry not a one door rum shop. So no one is lazy, this happens all over the world. Barbadians write for Trinidadians, and them for us too. It’s time some of you read, and learn before you make your self embarrassing comments. So now you’ve been properly shafted, get real. @Realist

  7. Ossie Moore May 25, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Pay some fund out to de girl. You just wanted to pull a prank on de Bajan or what ? Yuh playing wid fire boy!! Small island business days dunn long time!!!

  8. gsmiley May 25, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Bajan are you serious?

    Is anybody really studying Nikita?

    This is how we will remember her for the rest of her life?

    Seriously dude?

  9. Jay Harper May 25, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    A lack of understanding of good PR will be the undoing of the Nikitas of this world. Nikita do you realise that you are a band and right now you are tarnishing your brand with such an utterance. Nikita why you feel you can disrespect the fans so?

    You are wrong. You are supposed to apologize to us and give an undertaking to rectify the the situation and come back to us with an answer. Really Nikita it is not a hard task but first swallow some humble pie.

    I for one am not holding this whole saga against you because things happen but if you don’t handle it right it will define your career.

  10. Sandra Jones May 26, 2017 at 6:39 am

    You know I does have to SMH a lot. She is right it’s none of our Darn Business !, not saying she should said as much because she is in the Industry and she should have let her PR person handle the matter, cause we all know once you offend a Bajan with their unforgiving nature that’s it, People let the girl handle her business, this is something that just happened which would have thrown her for a loop.And maybe when all is said and done, maybe she will let her PR report back to those who feel they need to know all the nitty gritty!


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