Bajan Ninja Warriors

Twenty-three-year old Lee Knight and 17-year-old Malachi Mayers were all smiles after emerging proud winners of the adult and youth segment of The Barbados Ninja Throwdown 2017 which was held last Saturday. The event was organized by former American Ninja Warrior competitor Delano Hinds. 

Malachi Mayers at Barbados Ninja Throwdown.

Knight told Barbados TODAY he was drawn to the competition because of the physical challenge it presented.

“I like challenges and anything challenging. In 2014 I watched Delano competing in The American Ninja Warrior and I always wanted to meet him and become involved in such activities.  Therefore, when he told me that he was planning to have a Barbadian version of The American Ninja Warriors I was the first person to sign up,” Knight said.

Mayers stated his reason for joining the Barbados Ninja Throwdown was due to him liking callisthenics and when his trainer “Ricky” introduced him to Hinds and he told him about the competition he decided to sign up.  Mayers noted that he trains regularly therefore he did not have to do anything differently to prepare himself for the competition. 

Lee Knight

Knight had a more non- conventional training style as he trained on sidewalks and did pull-ups on any door handles that he could find to prepare himself for the gruelling competition.  They both noted that although they came out victorious they struggled with the log course as it was very demanding to complete. 

The 23-year-old noted that some of the obstacles they had to complete were dubbed the Cattlewash Stepping Stones, Green Monkey Bars, BDF Batons, Flying Fish Ladder, Garrison Spider and finally they had to climb Mount Hillaby.

Knight won a cash prize of $4,000 and a flight to St. Lucia for two with an all-expenses paid hotel suite and Mayers won a cash prize of $4,000 and eight gym session passes. They are both looking forward to defending their titles next year. Mayers especially is eager to compete against his friend Knight as he will graduate from the youth category to the adult Category in 2018.




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