Archbishop appeals for an end to violence

Archbishop of the West Indies Dr John Holder is appealing to Barbadians not to become a people who see violence as an easy and acceptable option to solve their problems.

Speaking against the backdrop of a recent violent attack on a Lester Vaughn Secondary School student by a mob of schoolmates, and a rise in gun violence, he called on the country to search for alternative ways to deal with contentious issues.

“Let us work hard to reach that stage where offence does not automatically generate a violent response,” Holder said yesterday afternoon in an address at the annual synod at the Cathedral of St Michael and all Angels on Roebuck St, The City.

“Those of us who carry the burden of leadership at all levels in this society must never lose sight of this. We are the ones who must work to convince our fellow citizens that better is possible. If at the present time this may seem distant and impossible for many persons, we must do all we can to make it a reality for all whom we can as soon as we can,” he stressed.

Without making any links between violence and the state of the economy, the Anglican cleric pleaded with the country not to lose hope despite the difficult circumstances.

In fact, he called on the population to draw from the strengths of the slaves who never gave up despite their situation.

“They hoped beyond hope that their descendants will one day experience their God given freedom that they themselves may never experience. They hoped beyond hope that one day the shackles will fall off and they will be experiences of freedom, wholeness and comfort as never before. And here we are today the products of this hope. We must believe as Barbadians that we will weather the present difficult conditions that confront us and move on to better times. But to do so we have to search for the best way forward. There are hardly any paths to a better life, to better conditions, that are painless,” Holder warned.     

4 Responses to Archbishop appeals for an end to violence

  1. jrsmith May 23, 2017 at 4:20 am

    Our people need jobs, our people need economic solutions, this guy call on the population to draw from the strength of slaves, who is he talking to, the black masses who is still under control by the 1%, aided by our ever so sweet and genuine crooked and corrupt politicians ………………………………………………
    Young people are behaving how they like , they know what they are doing because they see it every day , look at our politicians ,people who should be trusted , look at the churches what they are doing to the young people all over the world , especially young girls , look at the people who suppose to make the laws plus the ones who suppose to enforce the same laws and are the ones who use them to escape fro prosecution…….

  2. MIIB May 23, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Speaker of the house is still a politician and get out. We move like race horses with blinders so we focus straight. Take them off look around. This man is a stool pigeon for white supremacy and has the audacity to talk about slaves and resilience. smh

    Assimilators have no self worth, self confidence, self esteem or racial pride. Please read….. in the age of www information is free…..

    Please watch “Birth Of A Nation” 2016. A film written about Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher in the antebellum South.


    • Jennifer May 23, 2017 at 1:36 pm

      @MllB – BRING IT OUT. When the slaves were “freed” those so called priest were told and had to sign an agreement NEVER TO TELL THE SLAVES their true identity, and forbidden to bring what is written in the bible also. Woe to you pastors/priest who mislead the sheep/flock. And this birth of a nation is strictly talking about our people scattered in the earth as slaves. These priest keep that racist/supremacy pot boiling. They are the dead keeping the sleeping asleep. Wicked lot. Well he can continue to sleep with his blue eyed jesus.

      • Jennifer May 23, 2017 at 1:44 pm

        MllB – Thanks for the upload. The first exodus was confined to Egypt, but this second exodus will be CATASTROPHIC due to the wide spread of this people. Keep watching. LOVE YOU MY PEOPLE.


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