TRINIDAD – After surviving triple fatality, woman commits suicide

PORT OF SPAIN – Two years ago Sewrhoni Mohan survived a car crash in which three others died. On Thursday she took her own life.

Forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov did the autopsy on Mohan’s body on Friday and concluded that there were no signs of foul play involved in her death.

He found that she died of acute oxygen deprivation due to obstruction of the upper airways by the plastic bags put over her face.

Sewrhoni Mohan survived this November 2015 crash that killed three passengers.

“There was not the slighted evidence of an altercation. Her clothing was in perfect order. She was wearing a delicate silk blouse which could have been easily torn, but it was not. Even her fingernails were in perfect condition. Nothing at all to suggest foul play”, Alexandrov told the Express.

On November 25, 2015, Mohan was travelling in a taxi which crashed into a ten wheeler truck in Mayaro.

Three other occupants of the vehicle – Anthony Marcano, 54, of Pierreville, Felecia Ali, 41, of Foodcrop Road, Bristol, and Sherwin Constantine, 54, of Pierreville, died.

Mohan was laid up for three months in hospital then went home with a new lease on life.

Police were told that recently Mohan had been in counselling with her husband, Dave Rampersad. On Thursday Rampersad found her dead after he returned from work at around at around 10.30 a.m.

Rampersad, a grass cutter, said he entered the house at Chrysostom Trace in Mafeking and found her on their bed, unresponsive.

Police and paramedics were contacted but Mohan could not be revived.

Officers said there were no signs of a struggle in the house, and that Mohan was found lying on the bed with her hands at her sides.

Alexandrov explained that the plastic bag did not have to be tightened around the mouth to cause death.

“This is why there is the warning to keep plastic bags and objects away from children. In a matter of seconds the oxygen becomes consumed, render the person unconscious and then death”, the forensic pathologist said.

Alexandrov said he told Mohan’s brother and sister in law of his findings. They found it hard to accept, he said.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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