Cyber abuse workshops for students begin

The first in a series of workshops on Adolescents and Cyber Abuse, targeting approximately 900 students from primary and secondary schools across the island, was launched on Wednesday at the Almond Beach Resort.

Minister of Social Care Steven Blackett, who addressed the first group of participants from several northern secondary schools, said the workshop was timely and provided an excellent opportunity for them to share their views on a topic that has “caught the attention of the nation and the world in general”.

Minister of Social Care Steven Blackett

The workshops, organized by the Child Care Board, seek to get students’ perspective of how they use social media, as well as how they think it affects their mental health, and educational, social and moral development.

Blackett told the students that the workshop also gave them the opportunity to become more aware of the impact of cyber abuse and cyber bullying, and also guide their actions in the event they knew someone who might be a victim.

“It should also signal to you that you can be a victim by your own action of posting inappropriate materials and information about yourselves to friends and others. As the future leaders of this nation, I challenge you to seize these moments presented here today and work towards maximizing your worth and potential in every sphere of your lives,” he said.

“You should use electronic gadgets for positive use, to move you towards your
goals for the future especially during this electronic age.”

The minister also urged students to ensure that whatever they did was for the betterment of others, and to commit to positive thinking and actions.

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