4-H movement makes a difference

4-H Clubs in Barbados are well positioned to create greater awareness of food security issues among the youth.

That was the view expressed by Human Resources Development Specialist with the Ministry of Labour, Orville Lynch, as he addressed 4-H leaders last Saturday at their Crumpton Street, St Michael headquarters.

Orville Lynch passionately shares his 4-H story.

He challenged them to “transform the mindset and create the desire in young people to grow their own food”.

Lynch was a panelist in a discussion organized by The Barbados 4-H Foundation, entitled My Story – My Experiences.

Lynch, an active member of the 4-H community in the 1970s, recounted many instances in which the lessons taught in the 4-H Movement had served him well in later life.

Panelist Carol Ann Jordan.

In her contribution, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Services with the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., Carol Ann Jordan, urged the 4-H leaders to provide opportunities for young people to develop skills and identify their strengths; expose the youth to positive and new experiences; and influence the ways in which young people see and interact with the world.

Panelist and member of the Barbados 4-H Foundation Keith Yearwood.

Other panelists were Keith Yearwood of the Barbados 4-H Foundation, and former 4-Her and current librarian of the Lester Vaughan Secondary School, Junior Boxill.

Panelist Junior Boxill, a Past 4-Her who shared his story.

One Response to 4-H movement makes a difference

  1. Alex Alleyne May 18, 2017 at 9:31 am

    “Transform the mindset and create the desire in young people to grow their own food”.
    First of all , the eating habits along with the kind of food on the plate of young people has changed over the years. The BWA installed new water meters that send your water bill “skyrocketing” thus making it very difficult to grow and wet anything in your back yard. The mind set of the youngsters is to eat what they see on TV .
    They rather “wash a car than grow food”.


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