Not again

Rape accused’s plea for another chance falls on deaf ears

An impassioned plea by a 22-year-old rape accused to retain his freedom was not enough to keep him out of HMP Dodds.

Sean Lenny Matthias of Forde’s Land, Silver Hill, Christ Church was Wednesday denied bail on a charge of having sexual intercourse with a female on February 7 without her consent, or being reckless as to whether she consented.

He was not required to plead to the indictable charge when he appeared before Magistrate Elwood Watts in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court Wednesday afternoon.

When it came time for bail to be considered, police prosecutor Station Sergeant Rudolph Burnett objected to the unemployed man being released, on the grounds that he was already on bail from the Oistins Court for three matters, “two [of which] are akin to the charge before the court”.

“Although they are mere allegations, it [appears] this accused is preying on the young and innocent,” the Station Sergeant said.

But in his bail application, Matthias told Magistrate Watts: “I know what I before you for is very bad, Sir . . . but how the officer put it is not like that.”

“I begging, I begging very hard,” the accused man said, as he explained that he had just received an invitation to a job interview that he had wanted for some time.

“I now get the opportunity to change my life, Sir. I got an interview . . . I would really and truly love to change my life, Sir, and I will do anything, anything, Sir,” Matthias pleaded.

“Anytime I come back in front of you, Sir, even for a cannabis seed, Sir, you can show me no mercy. I asking for this opportunity. I will like to do anything, Sir,” he tried to reason with the magistrate.

But Magistrate Watts would not budge. He pointed out to the accused that “young girls” were accusing him of committing these crimes and while he was out on bail it was incumbent on him to be circumspect.

“These allegations are not only serious . . . they are against females who are underage. Remanded into custody until June 14,” he ruled.

However, the young man was not finished with his plea. He went on to ask whether the magistrate could remand him only until May 30, so that he could attend the job interview the following day.

“I begging real hard, Sir. I won’t get the opportunity again. I have to go on the 31st. I begging. I accept the fact that I get remand.”

But Magistrate Watts replied: “Don’t beg, I have decided. Use that zeal and determination to reapply [for the job].”

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