Junior Ambassador programme growing

In a few years’ time, students and teachers at St James Primary School could literally be eating the fruit of their labour.

In a short exercise yesterday, students joined with the St James Parish Independence Committee (PIC) and representatives from the Soil Conservation Unit in planting a cherry tree in the school’s garden.

Students and St James Parish Ambassadors Camara Babb and Christopher Nelson planting the tree.
St James Parish Ambassadors Camara Babb and Christopher Nelson posing with students before the tree planting exercise.

It was one of the St James PIC’s activities for this month.

But it was not the only reason for the committee’s visit, according to the attendant for the St James Parish Ambassadors Romel Bishop.

He said the PIC was also looking to expand its Junior Ambassador programme which started back in 2015 and it wanted to get the St James Primary School involved. So far, they have junior ambassadors at St Albans Primary, Frederick Smith Secondary and St Silas Primary.

St James Parish Ambassadors’ attendant Romel Bishop

“So, as this tree grows, it shows the growth of the Junior Ambassador programme,” Bishop commented.

He explained that the young ambassadors are exposed to public speaking and historic workshops.

The aim is to have those students carry out various tasks within the schools and expand the programme to a national scale.

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