Easy title for Broomes

It was a case of Ramon Broomes preparing for the big league while the other contestants had a much smaller stage in mind, as he easily walked away with the Mr Bridgetown title on Saturday evening at the Combermere School auditorium, Waterford, St Michael.

The shortest man on stage stood head and shoulders above his three competitors when it came to mass, symmetry and balance. So convincing was Broomes’ form on the night that the judges did not require any follow-up, side by side comparisons after the individual pose routines were completed. The judges simply asked the former Mr Schoolboy to wait at the back of the stage while Michael Broome, Roger Street and Roderick Lashley, battled it out for the runners-up positions. In the end, it was a leaner and more chiseled Lashley, who also won the Mr Novice match-up, that took the second position while Broome had to settle for third place.

Mr Bridgetown Ramon Broomes (centre) posing with Roderick Lashley (left) who was second and the third-placed Michael Broome.

However the Mr Teenager segment was more of a challenging contest, even though at the end there was little disputing the judges’ decision to declare the barrel chested Laslo Bryon as the winner. The winner of last year’s Mr Schoolboy competition came with the full package but had to stave off stiff competition from Reeman Butcher and Kammeco Byer, finishing second and third respectively. Bryon also made a bid for the Mr Novice title and gave a good account of himself, taking the second position.

The Miss Bridgetown-Body Figure was not clear-cut, as the audience was certainly not happy with the result. The crowd was firmly behind the beautifully sculpted Leanna Carter and her third place adjudication was met by boos and jeers. Top honours in that segment went to Kara-lynn Belle of the Hilton Sports and Wellness Club while Astrid Parris of Twin Gym took the first runner-up position.

Winner of the Miss Bikini Fitness Natasha Joseph is flanked by second-placed Shakira Straker (right) and the third-placed Krystal Ann Butcher.

Andre Clarke of First Fitness Gym captured the Mr Bridgetown Men’s Physique title, besting an impressive field of 10 competitors. Sean Springer took the second position while the third place went to Allan Reid.

Natasha Joseph of Hilton Sports and Wellness club was declared the winner of the Miss Bikini Fitness. Shakira Straker of ABC Fitness finished in second position. Krystal-Ann Butcher had to settle for third place.

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