Book on cancer launched

Members of the media and representatives from 817 sponsorship companies and donators ventured to the Island Inn yesterday for the launch of the Barbados Cancer Society’s (BCS) first book, Get to Grips with Cancer.

The handbook was put together by Clyde Holder, owner of C&L Marketing Inc., who told Barbados TODAY it took about eight months to complete since funding had to be solicited from the private and public sector, as well as BCS donors. It was published locally by Carlton Publishing.

Left to right: Immediate Past President of the Barbados Cancer Society Professor Timothy Roach; President Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson; Director at C&L Marketing Clyde Holder and Administrative Director Sonia O’Neal.

“The book, like any challenge, was like breaking new ground; however, I was fortunate to have the staff of the Barbados Cancer Society who gave me all of the necessary support that is expected to make the book a reality and a success,” Holder said.

Asked why he decided to come on board the project, he said: “The important thing with cancer is to look for early detection; it is going to save you or break you. Therefore, what we at C&L Marketing in conjunction with the Barbados Cancer Society are seeking to do, is to encourage persons who might be in the age range to develop cancer to look for the signs and symptoms, as early detection is the key.”

The book depicts two of the Cancer Society’s major events on its cover – the Globeathon and the Breast Cancer Walk.

BCS President Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson was excited about the launch of the publication, saying it was “a tremendous accomplishment” for the organization.

A smiling President of the Barbados Cancer Society Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson with the ‘Get to Grips with Cancer’ handbook.

“The production of the handbook started mid-year 2016 and we invited the medical fraternity as well as persons who had experienced cancer and members of the Barbados Cancer Society to contribute information.

“The main goal for us was to create a booklet that was easy to read, clear and concise, with articles that the members of the public would find interesting to read. We attempted to include all types of cancer that can affect everyone, ranging from cervical cancer to the most prevalent in Barbados, skin cancer. We have added articles to increase awareness and give tips to help the members of the public to mitigate and control cancer and, by extension, to mitigate other non-communicable diseases,” she explained.

Dr Cooke-Johnson added that she and Holder planned to release a follow-up book sometime next year.

Meantime, the BCS official encouraged those attending the launch to be vigilant and to recognize and understand warning signs.

“We must be on our guard and we must take hold of the advantage of this wonderful and timely handbook so that we can get to grips with cancer and beat it,” she urged. 

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