Sealy remanded on burglary charge

A bail application made by a 44-year-old tree trimmer in a Bridgetown Court was not persuasive enough to gain him his freedom.

Carl Sheldon Matthew Sealy of Nurse Land, Waterford, St Michael was not required to plead to an indictable burglary charge when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick Wednesday afternoon.

It is alleged that Sealy entered the home of John Weekes as a trespasser on March 17 and stole $14,120 in cash, one ring, two chains and a pendant, a pair of shoes and a watch belonging to the homeowner, valued $24,530 in total.

Police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid objected to Sealy being granted bail on the grounds that investigations were ongoing and another person was being sought in connection with the matter.

He also said that efforts were being made to recover the property and it was the Crown’s fear that Sealy would frustrate that process if granted bail.

The prosecutor also stated that “the strength of the evidence against the accused was compelling”. Further alluding to Sealy’s antecedents, Reid said the society needed to be protected from him at this time.

But in his application for bail, Sealy argued that his last conviction was in 2003 for resisting arrest and assault.

“If you check my record, you will see I don’t have a propensity to committee those acts of burglary,” he said.

However, the magistrate ruled that lawmen needed time to investigate the matter further and, as such, remanded Sealy to the St Philip penal institution until June 7.

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  1. BimJim May 11, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Damn. I was hoping it would be the other Sealy… Mister MBA.


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