Phone theft lands Alleyne behind bars

A 23-year-old who is known to the law courts was remanded to HMP Dodds Wednesday after pleading guilty to theft.

Kishman Shaquille Alleyne of #2 Whitehall, St Michael admitted before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to stealing a $500 cellular phone belonging to Kimberley Wharton on May 6.

The facts revealed that Wharton’s phone was being repaired at an establishment which deals with electronics. The person who fixed the device placed it on the counter with the intention of taking it to the Wharton. Alleyne, who knows the technician, subsequently entered the store, took up the phone and looked at it, but the man “did not pay him much attention”.

However, the technician later realized that both the phone and Alleyne were no longer in the store. He went outside and saw Alleyne and asked him for the device, but the accused denied moving it. The police were called in and Alleyne later turned himself in.

Addressing the magistrate Wednesday, Alleyne explained that the technician was his partner and had sold him a phone that was not working.

“I went back to the store and he had a phone in his hand and I take it and walk away. He mussee thought I was joking,” Alleyne said, adding that he returned the phone when the man said it belonged to someone else.

“I gave back the phone because I didn’t feel good it belong to a girl. He [the technician] tell the police he just want the phone back and didn’t want me charge, but the girl say this got she vex because she contacts missing,” he further explained.

However, pointing to Alleyne’s antecedents, the magistrate informed him that he would be remanded into custody until he could see whether the phone technician corroborated his story.

Alleyne returns to court Friday.

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