Joaquin’s big break

Krosfyah has had an infusion of new blood after young crooner Joaquin recently joined the top soca band as its newest member.

Joaquin has been on the soca scene for a short while and made his biggest impact last Crop Over with the song, This Place, making it all the way to the finals of the Sweet Soca competition.


In the krosfyah line-up, he will now be rubbing shoulders and performing with the General, Edwin Yearwood, and Khiomal, the band’s two long time lead singers.

Managing Director of krosfyah, Michael Agard, believes Joaquin is the future of entertainment and the right fit for the band at this stage of its development

“The guy has a lot of potential.  He has a new flavour and it’s  a little different. He’s humble and easy to talk to and I think he will go very far. I’m excited to be working with him, ” he said.

Agard said Joaquin has officially been on board for about three weeks and is already doing well.

“(He’s) done some tours so far, he’s been well received.  We are going to keep him around for a very long time and he will definitely be on the cards during the Crop Over season,” Agard said.

Joaquin told Bajan Vibes he is humbled by the opportunity and more than thankful.

“I want to thank God and krosfyah for allowing me this opportunity to be a member of the band. I am thankful to be sharing the stage with one of the most talented bands in the Caribbean,” he said.

While some may consider Joaquin’s addition to be quite sudden, he begs to differ.

“The opportunity was there for a few years,” he said. “Tony Bailey, one of the founders of krosfyah, has been grooming me since 2012. He is the person who wrote my first soca song Ah Feeling It. But I believe everything happens when it is supposed to and this is the right time,” the 23 year old said.

Joaquin is thoroughly enjoying singing alongside two excellent male vocalists — Edwin and Khiomal.

“It is wonderful to share the stage with two of the most talented, versatile male vocalists in the Caribbean. The experience so far has been amazing. To be able to learn and improve on my skills from two of the best. Edwin is one of my idols. His music is the first soca music I learnt when I knew I wanted to be a soca artiste,” Joaquin said.

So far, he has travelled with the band to St Thomas and St Maarten and has enjoyed it. He told Bajan Vibes he is looking forward to all the other opportunities.

“I’m looking forward to the exposure and travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, lifestyles and music,” he added.

Apart from being with krosfyah, Joaquin still has his own band Lejend246. He said things are still going well.

As for what we can expect from him this season, the bubbly and humble soca artiste said  “good quality music”! 

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  1. Karie N Bryan
    Karie N Bryan May 11, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Saw this youngster perform at harbour lights lastnight had the crowd on their feet well done up up


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