TRINIDAD – Suicide crash after chopping death

PORT OF SPAIN – Police now believe that the man who died when his car crashed head-on into a truck near Mayaro today, committed suicide after killing a woman.

The dead man was identified as Andrew Vasquez, a 73-year-old.

Vasquez had chopped to death a woman, Toolie “Tara” Ramdeen, 46, at nearby Bristol Village, Mayaro. The attack was witnessed by two infant children, who were splattered with blood.

Andrew Vasquez deliberately crashed his car into a truck, says police.

The killing happened at around 12.30p.m. and according to initial reports, the couple were involved in an argument and Ramdeen, who was with a four-month-old grandchild, and a three year old child, was attacked.

Neighbours called paramedics but the woman died at the scene.

Police noted that no brake impressions were found on the road from the car at the scene of the crash.

The crash occurred in the vicinity of LP# 1056, Union Village, Mayaro.

The front end of the car was crushed beneath the truck, pinning Vasquez behind the wheel.

Vasquez was the lone occupant of a Nissan B-15, police said.

The crash occurred around 1 p.m. along the Naparima/Mayaro Road.

Police said witnesses said the driver of the car swerved in front of the truck, which was proceeding in the opposite direction.

The truck is owned by Junior Sammy Contractors Limited.

Police and fire officers of the Rio Claro district responded.

Fire officers removed Vasquez from the vehicle and he was taken to the Mayaro District Hospital where he died.

The road fatality toll stands at 33 for the year.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

3 Responses to TRINIDAD – Suicide crash after chopping death

  1. Veronica Wiggins
    Veronica Wiggins May 10, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    He can never kill again. Sorry the lady died.

  2. Christine Taylor
    Christine Taylor May 10, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    He should have crashed first, left the woman alone!


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