Traffic offences cost mechanic

A 51-year-old mechanic had to part with $700 Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to several traffic offences.

Alwim Evan Graig, of Belmont Road, St Michael admitted to unlawfully driving a car on Martindale’s Road while under the influence of drinks or drugs, to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle. He pleaded guilty and was reprimanded and discharged for that offence.

However, Graig was fined $200 forthwith for driving without due care and attention for other persons using the same road. That fine, which carried an alternative of a one-month prison term, was paid.

Graig also confessed to driving without insurance and he had to pay a $500 fine forthwith to avoid a one-month prison stay. The money was paid.

He was reprimanded and discharged on one count of driving without road tax.

But Graig now also has to keep the peace and be on his best behaviour for the next three months. If he breaches the order, he will spend two months in jail.

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