Stern warning for Blackett

Darius Romain Blackett must return to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court with a surety on June 1 if he wants to avoid spending more time at HMP Dodds.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick made the ruling today as he granted the 2A Meadow Road, Wildey, St Michael resident, who has been on remand for the past four days, his freedom.

Blackett had been incarcerated at the St Philip institution from last Thursday after appearing late for an ongoing burglary case.

He is charged along with four other St Michael men – Jandolph St Clair, #6 Hilton Row, Princess Royal Avenue, Pinelands; Shaquille Deshone Maynard, of 2D Meadow Road, Wildey; Jamar Kovar Yearwood, of #5 Glendale Close, Golden Rock, Pinelands; and Shaquille Akeem Farley of 2nd Avenue Park Road, Bush Hall – with entering the National Housing Corporation as trespassers on April 7, 2011 and stealing 800 feet of cable worth $8,000 belonging to the corporation, and at the time of the alleged offence had a cutlass in their possession.

When he appeared before Magistrate Frederick today, he was warned to ensure that he attend court on time in the future.

“It won’t happen again, Sir,” Blackett said.

The magistrate then asked him whether he was complying with his other bail conditions.

“Are you reporting to the police station? Do you live with your surety? Are you keeping your curfew?” the magistrate asked.

“No, Sir,” was Blackett’s reply as he explained that he was working.

The magistrate chastised the burglary accused for breaching his bail conditions, warning him that he was jeopardizing his surety’s $5,000.

“You see how hard it is for fellas to get bail and you get bail and playing the fool. Bring your surety on the next court date. [If] you don’t come I am going to take that $5,000 from your surety,” Fredrick warned Blackett.

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