BAHAMAS – PLP warned

NASSAU – On the heels of Wednesday’s chaotic and disorganised advanced poll, Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis warned the Progressive Liberal Party last night not to “further corrupt” the voting process or attempt to “steal” the general election.

He also alleged that former Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall – whose three-year contract ended last Thursday but has been retained as a consultant – received a salary increase from around $5,000 a month to almost $7,000 a month.

The crowd at Monday night’s FNM rally.

He further warned that if there is any “skulduggery” on Election Day, Prime Minister Perry Christie will be held responsible, adding that he “fears” what may happen as a result.

Dr Minnis also said a government led by him will expose any “underhandedness” at the hands of the Christie administration, adding that anyone found breaking the law would be “brought to justice”.

Dr Minnis lashed out at “lies” he said were being spewed by the PLP in an attempt to hold on to power.

He said if his party assumes office it will not fire civil servants, nor will it cancel National Health Insurance or close Baha Mar down.

“The PLP trickery and underhandedness will soon be brought to light,” Dr Minnis told scores of supporters at a mass rally at the Q E Sports Centre. “The FNM torch will light up the darkness left by the PLP. We will find out the truth about what took place in the midnight hours at the Parliamentary Department before the advanced poll.”

He claimed that Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson and Minister of National Security Dr Bernard Nottage were at the Parliamentary Registration Department “hours before” the advanced poll, and wanted to know what they were doing there.

He also alleged: “I have troubling news. Mr Sherlyn Hall who messed up the registers on three separate occasions, including the chaos of last Wednesday is back. He was let go and sent home on Thursday, but was rehired on Saturday. And guess what? They have significantly increased his salary from about $5,000, to almost $7,000 per month.”

Yesterday, new Acting Parliamentary Commissioner Charles Albury told reporters that Mr Hall was remaining as a consultant at the department and helping in the transition process.

“The stench of this action smells to high heaven and we have a right to know what went down,” Dr Minnis added. “. . . Rest assured, that God willing, we will find out. And anybody found breaking the law will be brought to justice.

“The FNM torch will light up the darkness left by the PLP. Whatever is done in the darkness will eventually be brought to light.”

Further underscoring concerns about the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD), Dr Minnis said when he and his wife went to pick up their voter’s cards, the wrong photo was affixed to his wife’s document.

He said all the other information on the voter’s card was correct. He added that when he alerted officials to the mistake, they first said the photo was correct, even though his wife was standing next to him.

If his party wins the election, Dr Minnis promised the FNM would create an Elections Commission, so Cabinet ministers would not have responsibility for elections. He said the FNM would also create an independent Boundaries Commission that will be free of government interference and implement a fixed date for voting. 

Source: (Tribune242)

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