Shooting rocks The Whim

The Bayley’s Road, The Whim, St Peter community is in disbelief and wondering what next following last night’s shooting which left a 40-year-old man nursing an injury to his left hand.

In what is believed to be a robbery attempt, Kirkdayana Springer of the same address was shot around 10:15 last night. Reports indicate that he was liming with a friend when they approached by two males demanding money.

The area where the shooting occurred last night that left 40-year-old Kirkdayana Springer nursing a gunshot wound to the left hand.

A resident who asked to be identified only as Roslyn, told Barbados TODAY the community was a peaceful one and was not used to this sort of violence.

“Nothing so never happen up here. We don’t have no shooting, no crime, nothing so. That’s the first time it ever happened and I born and raise up here. We would go under the streetlight and playing dominoes and cards at night, all kind of thing,” said the woman who is in her 60s.

Roslyn said she heard the gunshots soon after she had gone to bed. Not daring to venture out, she peeped out in an attempt to catch a glimpse of what was happening.   

“I don’t know what they came for. I saw those two out there liming as they normally do. I was in bed; I had gone in for about ten minutes when I hear this thing. When I look out they were leaving. They came in a car but they didn’t drive the car here. It was parked down in the bottom. All I could tell you is, I saw two men going to the car. I was just peeping out. I didn’t come out. You don’t know if you’re safe or not. It could happen anywhere because the young people going around doing a lot of foolishness,” she stressed.

The grandmother of seven told Barbados TODAY she was now concerned for the safety of her family and her neighbours, and was wondering if the incident would have a lasting effect on the small community.

“Everyone in the community close. We live as one out in here. If anyone hears anything they would come and give you support and so on. We don’t have enemies through here. Everyone would pass and give one another a joke, we lime together, we roast breadfruit and everyone eat. That [the shooting] come and shake up the whole community. Even the same guy that got shot, he would be here in this gallery and be playing cards; me, him and my daughter.

“I don’t know where all these guns coming from, and the people that holding them are young people. That’s all they are learning to do. These young people don’t have any respect for the older heads at all. Their aim is to shoot, kill, rob. Just stop it man, and learn to live in peace,” Roslyn said.

Police are still carrying out investigations into the shooting and are appealing to anyone with information to contact District E Police Station, the police emergency hotline or Crime Stoppers as soon as possible.

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