Justice Bill inches closer

Barbados is about 60 days away from having updated legislation to address all child related issues.

Noting that he too was concerned about the rise in child-related issues in the country, Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite has given the assurance that he would soon be finalizing a draft bill addressing such issues.

“We are probably 60 days away . . . I’ve been talking about this for two years now, I’ve said we need to draw a line in the sand and I’m currently finalizing a draft for the Justice Bill and I should be able to invite you very soon to hear me champion this report,” Brathwaite told yesterday’s annual Child Protection March in Heroes Square, Bridgetown.

Addressing a recent case at the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School, where a student damaged a teacher’s car and was sent off to the Government Industrial School, Brathwaite stressed that the main issue in that situation was being overlooked.

“What came across to me was the fact that more emphasis seems to be placed on the damage to the car and the violence etc., as opposed to the cause of the child’s behaviour. I just want to remind our society that children, they don’t wake up and become wicked. A normal child who is on suspension doesn’t go back into a school and damage a car. We need to focus more on what caused the children to behave the way they are behaving as a society and one that means well for our children and try to respond appropriately,” he said.

The Minister of Home Affairs stressed that the response to Parkinson School incident and other such cases should never be to just punish them but to “let us examine the cause of the deviant behaviour that we are seeing and try to address that so that we can save more of our children.

“The answer cannot be let us incarcerate our children or send them to the Government Industrial School. The answer has to be, let us examine the cause of the deviant behaviour and try to address that so that they don’t graduate to more serious criminal behaviour.”

Brathwaite also said he plans to formalize the relationship between his ministry and the Ministry of Education to see how best they could help the nation’s children.

“I can publicly announce today that we plan to expand that and formalize that to incorporate teachers, PTA, unions etc., so that we are better able to respond to the needs of our children, in particular [those who] are having serious difficulty,” he added.

Reverend Anne Hamilton-Cutting, co-Founder of Action For Justice, which organized the walk, said there was need for a more coordinated approach to addressing child related issues and protecting the rights of children.

“Child abuse in all forms affects all persons in a society. It requires a coordinated approach with a range of stakeholders working together to ensure that all children are protected and safeguarded in Barbados,” she said.

This year’s theme is, It takes a community to protect a child’ and that’s our aim.

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  1. Samantha Best May 7, 2017 at 11:26 am

    I am in agreement with everything the Attorney General has said except the reference to the 60 days for the legislation.

    Has the draft Bill been discussed in public as yet? At schools, town hall meetings? Various interest groups? If no, then it will take more than 60 days to discuss it before it goes back for redrafting, then more discussion on what is deemed the “draft” then goes to Cabinet then both Houses of Parliament for further discussion. Hence to say “60 days” is not the reality; it is giving false hope.

  2. Keith Forde
    Keith Forde May 7, 2017 at 11:48 am


  3. Whitehill May 7, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Child abuse is a serious matter that all of us must come on board to help stamp out. And as such, this issue must be dealt with in a manner that does not appear to target anyone sex as the abuser. For those who are championing the cause of the young and vulnerable by implying that sexual abuse of minors is the sole domain of men is a waste of time and only serves to advance an agenda best known by those who want to get even. From as far back as in the 60s, this is my memory, old hard back women have been fooping little boys. Its almost a right of passage to be fooped by an older woman in Barbados. Why, because we don’t “Tell” on the women, because we don’t get pregnant to show as proof?
    I don’t know what is happening to the youngsters today, but should anyone have a conversation with a man over 50, he’ll tell you about his sexual encounters with older women before he lost his mother’s “feature.” These weren’t ” wild” women, these were women who were seen in church every Sunday getting in the power lol.
    In 1995, another news paper in Barbados ran headlines ” more mothers are having sex with their sons.” Have mothers stopped fooping their sons since then? I doubt, given the number of doopey jackass young men about the place, I do believe they are screwed up mentally as a result of this nasty act perpetrated on them by their mothers.
    ” Real men don’t date minors” ”Real women don’t foop their sons or little boys”

  4. Alex Alleyne May 7, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    AG, you ain’t concern about NOTHING. You just can’t come now trying to fool the public, you just jumping on the band wagon . From way back when, people all over BIM were complaining about “child abuse” and you ain’t said a thing. Same thing on the “Gun violence”.
    Go back and sit in your old rocking chair and suck on your pipe.

  5. Alex Alleyne May 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    @WHITEHILL, In my youth I remember a “middle age woman” in the village they use to call THE TRAINER. Most of the boys from age 13 to 16 got broken in by her. As we grew older , her name got chang to THE COOLER.

  6. Itz Queen
    Itz Queen May 7, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    If not for the S N P SOCIAL NETWORKS PARTY
    And the political upcoming season,this legislation would of never see the see the light of the day .And the race is on.Those who think politic is boring it’s going to be exciting,we will be seeing politicians like cats try to catch they the tails ,all of a sudden politicians coming out of the woodworks saying what them doing ,ya would of think them did dead.

  7. Jea Alleyne May 8, 2017 at 6:53 am

    My question is…..why does it take so long to do the right thing. Did we really need the “No Smoking Policy” but that came out instantaneously….You gotta ask yourself, if life is just one BIG JOKE to those in power !! What about the Freedom of Information Act, its well overdue too !!

  8. Carlisle Norville May 8, 2017 at 11:00 am

    to those of us who know the reality of the Barbadian scenario, e.g.
    Bagan whites letting out they dogs when you pass in their districts,
    another e.g. if ya white ya alright, if ya brown ya stand a chance, if ya black stand back( this white-ruled society is kept in place by people like Adriel Brathwaite, & black bagan intellectual who carry out the wishes of those who say (they are guardians of our heritage, we have to get the laws that were handed down to us from Britton change, laws that keep blacks exactly where they are blacks are encouraged to party , to have nuff sex, buy bling buy the latest clothes, ( whites send their children to study business administration
    accounts etc, we are never taught our rich history, when are black
    people in Barbados going to get some balls, & demand that the slave laws in parliament be change, & that our rich black history be taught in our schools

  9. nanci May 8, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    stop child abuse including grown men having sex with underage boys and girls. the courts letting them off with a small bail. There should be a sex abuse hotline or department where men and women will be immediately jailed for having sexual intercourse with young girls and boys. As the preacher said, big hard back men and women lusting after minors. They need to be locked up, and stop having all these excuses. Its sickening how some of these grown men see nothing wrong with having sex with young girls and boys. Some of the men is closet homosexuals, they too needs to be exposed, because some of them have wives. Single mothers need to be careful who they bringing in their homes, because some of these men are just plain predators. They no different to wolves and coyotes in the wild. Some of the kids so scared, they cant say a word or they will be punished for it.

  10. nanci May 8, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    that is very true carlisle, you see dogs barking and coming over fence when a black person pass the street. If a white person is walking like tourist or whoever, the dogs are quiet. I think the white people train their dogs like that. Bajan people need to invest in their country and stop letting it being taken away from them. Laws should be pass about these dogs also. It should be a way to report dogs that attack people. If a person passing the street, thats a public street, the person is not on anyone’s property. Places like the sides street of grame hall for example, you see dogs ready to jump over the fence if black people pass the street. Black people have the same intelligence as the white people, the black people just need to focus on the important issues, and stop looking at short term joys. I have no problem with people buying nice clothes, but educate yourself and your kids, and also invest in your own land, and house. Work with your politician for the area when voting time come around to address these injustices.

  11. nanci May 8, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    the reason the government drag their feet on sexual abuse of kids, and all this other abuse of the elderly, and all other injustices is because sometimes the people in power are also part of the problem. They dont really care because these bad things not happening to them or their families. Dont you see when prices go up, their salaries also go up? because they need to be above the poor and needy. They need to have the funds to educate their kids, and have the nice house and expensive cars. They not rocking no boat, because the boat not effecting them. Dont you see all the politicians and rich, their kids go to the older secondary schools? Then they go off to some college in the big countries. parents need to educate themselves and their kids, and stop the horrible expectations we expect for ourselves. The problem also is that most black people hate to see their own color succeed. Take for instance a black person building a nice house, you would see some neighbors have nothing but negative comments to make behind the owner’s back, its like some black people cant get away from the slave mentality

  12. Alex Alleyne May 9, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    @NINCI, Tell VOB and CBC to play the speech given by MAC FINGALL. They know which one I talking about.


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