‘Watch your words’

Parents must be mindful of the words they use in the presence of their children.

Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett issued that advice to parents Friday as he addressed a National Children’s Service at the Abundant Life Assembly to mark the beginning of Child Month, under this year’s theme, Love Our Children: Today’s Generation, Tomorrow’s World.

Steve Blackett

He told the packed assembly that children are gifts from God and should be taken care of.

“Our interaction with children is very important. We must be mindful of the words we use in front of our children. Negative words used in front of children can affect them psychologically.

“The family helps to shape the personality of a child. Children internalize the best values of those who teach them. Parents must tell their children they love them on occasion. On the other hand, children must show respect to their parents and honour them. Children must respect all those who are in charge of them,” Blackett said.

The People’s Cathedral Primary School choir sang their little hearts out at Friday’s ceremony to mark Child Month.

In his brief address, Chairman of the Child Care Board Kenneth Knight said children are the lifeblood of a nation and told his young audience that they must always strive for excellence and be the light that shines at all times.

Students attending the service were drawn from the island’s public and private primary schools.

Songbird Trinity Clarke of the Trinity Academy thrilled the large audience with a beautiful rendition of Moment In Time.

They not only sat quietly in the congregation, listening to the speaker’s words, but some of them also performed in song, dance and drama.

Trinity Clarke of Trinity Academy stole the show with a beautiful rendition of the popular song, Moment in Time.

Tia Corbin of the Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School was also in fine voice.

Among the other performers were students from the Rock Christian School who did a liturgical dance; St Martin’s-Mangrove Primary School pupils who performed a dramatic piece that showed how negative remarks by parents can undermine a young child’s confidence; and Oriyon Morgan and Tia Corbin of the Seventh Day Adventist School.

Students of the Rock Christian School entertained the audience with their smooth movements on stage.

The People’s Cathedral Primary School choir gave a good rendition of Yes We Can, while Shamar Boyce of the Metropolitan School read a Bible lesson.

These students of the St Martin Mangrove Primary School in this skit try to explain to parents how children should be treated.

An orchestra from the Combermere School and the steel orchestra of the Daryll Jordan Secondary School also enlivened the ceremony.

2 Responses to ‘Watch your words’

  1. jrsmith May 6, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Another one who is behaving as though our bajan people is stupid , so they are waiting on him ,from whence he came to tell them beware of the words, they use in the presence of children……..
    What is noticeable these politicians in barbados , is behaving as like the so call civil rights movements in the (US) , who seems to only to address the black masses , in church surroundings this has become a norm by our priminister………

    Politicians and they behaviour including a lot of the church leaders, should point fingers at each other as to they behaviour against these said children this one is addressing , country after country, we see our kids need protection from the same people , who suppose to have made laws and in return are the same ones who break the laws and never enforce them……………………

    The major excuse these people make, black kids need role models
    but why black kids are the one who need role models , because families cannot trust anyone in authority with they kids , so this man should go away , coil up and come again…………
    This junk about child month , is total rubbish , let every day , every hour , every minute belongs to that child , thats how we protect our children all of children come what may …………….

    • Jennifer May 6, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      jrsmith – just to add.
      All of this rubbish is just making placid mentalities and the maintenance of a LOST IDENTITY that none of those BIG HEADS intend to seek and restore.


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