The awesome power of light

Jesus had it down pat. What a guy!

He got the cosmos, God, his Father, to light a fire inside him, and he began to move the world. Of course, the elites, the Jews, his ethnic strain, liked not this. They were into money, identity. The Talmud-thumpers and clerics. The Pharisees and Sadducees. The only ones who supported him were the chaff, the ordinary workaday folk, farmers, fishermen, traders, honey sellers and so on.

They wanted to salute him, give him the friendly nod, follow and listen. Or were, at least, curious. The tribal elders wanted to kill him. He was a pest, a disease, cantankerous rebel! Like children, weak-stoned, they ran to the Romans, Pilate, to complain. Father, forgive them, they did not know what the hell they did.

What a guy! He gave it to them good. Everything the fakes said, he avowed the opposite. They want: you give. They kill: you turn the other cheek. They condemn: you look at the beam in your eye. They fornicate and thief: you obey the Ten Commandments. They curse: you forgive. They hate: you love. He was, he said, the Light of the Father. To cleanse you with this Holy Light. To make you free again. To vindicate, not destroy, the prophets.

The Biblical scribes attest that St John (The Baptist) was “sent to bear witness to that Light”. And that Christ “was the true Light, which Lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” But Jesus was not a cool dude. He was a hot pastor. A shepherd. As sower. A sower of seeds. He spoke as a flame. Where did this flame come from? He said it came from on High. From the Father. The Light. For God so loved the world, he gave his own begotten son.

In the beginning was the Light, and the Light was God, was with God. He claimed that it was his Father, the Light, the Word, which set him aflame. And he brought this flame, like the classical Greek bringer of fire to mankind, Prometheus, to light the world. He was not this light. But he brought this light to the world! Imagine the suffering man endured, when there was not this light in the world. No cooking, no alchemy, to make materials for convenience, for combustion.

What is the real value of light? Has mankind fully exploited its protonic and photonic value? The answer is no. Humans, theoretical physics, cosmology, is only now, after the ancient sages of India, China, Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, after Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, and the modern Einstein, beginning to discover the real possibilities of light. Quantum Physics, the discovery of ever smaller and smaller particles – quarks, leptons, muons, neutrinos, taus bosons, ever more and more fundamental states of light-matter – prophesies, clues us into the magnitudinous, multitudinous, prolific possibilities of light.

Throughout the ages, mankind has been exploiting the possibilities and use of the elements we see on the Periodic Table: gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron, magnesium, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and a host of related elements, rare elements. You set fire to Fe, iron, and you make a mighty alchemy of colourful gases, liquids, compounds, other states of matter, NO, and NO2 . Quantum Physics gives us the Standard Model. A Model showing the fundamental building blocks of the universe, more fundamental than the elements in the Periodic Table: fields of particles.

But these particles behave cosmologically. Not anthropologically, of man, and his numbers, levels, time, straight lines, squares, logs, calculus, graphs, econometrics, spreadsheets; they are independent of these anthropological devices. In fact ,straight, level, circle, square, the number six does not exist in cosmological time or space at all. They are simply inventions, myths, devices coerced and used to interpret cosmic reality. They are not cosmic reality. They belong to the world of anthropological reality. There is always a gap. And closing the gap, between anthropological reality and cosmological reality, is up to us.

Cosmic particles behave discontinuously, uncertainly, inconstantly; in fact, very bizarre indeed. One particle might be in two places at the same time. One, the neutrino, starts in the sun, passes through you, the earth, in a storm of rainbow sand. Particles might be entangled; one exists here, bobbing and dancing within you, but tuned in, sympathetically, synchronically, with another, its mate, a billion light years away in the outer universe. A particle might behave one way a trillion times, but a trillion times and one, it behaves differently. The rebel! Welcome to modern Theoretical Physics and the Quantum Universe.

Particulate light, the proton, the electron, the photon, have been used in many industrial applications: nuclear power, satellites, smart phones, printing, x-ray; particle accelerators use particles for scanning, medicine, waste disposal; the standard 4cm square micro-chip has multiplied the power of electronic circuitry, as we know, a billion times, since the mid-sixties. We are able to load a billion times more protonic power in this wafer cell chip; revolutionizing the possibilities of communication and space exploration.

Can we load, like we do this standard microchip, with optimum protonic and photonic power, a standard 50 x 100 feet lot of land, here in the Caribbean and Latin America, the planet, and create greater affordability in water, soil, electricity, horticulture, communications, health, building materials, and therefore, sustainability? In other words, could you be born again? With light?

(Dr Wayne Kublalsingh is a Trinidadian commentator who has served as a university professor, activist and promoter of authentic economic development.)

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