18 months for house break-ins

A convicted burglar has been sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty in a Bridgetown court to breaking into two houses earlier this year.

Anthony Ricardo Emmanuel Prescott, of Browne’s Gap, Sergeant’s Village, Christ Church confessed before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to entering the home of Gerald Abraham as a trespasser on April 4, and stealing a DVD player worth $190, a bottle of oil worth $10 and a tin of milk worth $2.05, all belonging to Abraham.

The 41-year-old unemployed man also admitted that he entered the home of Kayrene Haellis as a trespasser and stole a laptop computer worth $1,700, a ring worth $600 and $20 in cash on January 24.

After hearing the facts of the case from police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid, Magistrate Frederick sentenced Prescott to nine months at HMP Dodds on the first count and another nine-month term on the second offence, which will run consecutively.

According to the prosecutor, Prescott has 25 prior convictions which showed that he had a propensity for committing such acts.

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