The ‘Bajan’ Tempest on stage

Theatre arts students of the Barbados Community College, as part of their final examinations before graduation, dazzled a packed Frank Collymore Hall last Saturday night with a flawless presentation of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest modified to reflect Barbadian reality.

The class of 12 included Akudo Wells, stage manager; Ashly Evelyn, make-up designer; Malique Marsh, costume designer; Shadia Hope, set designer; Shaquille Waithe, props master; Tontre Gittens, sound designer and actors Kemal Marshall, Kyle Cozier, Noel Williams, Shacody Baker, Skyye Lambert, and Teriq Linton.

With some assistance from guest actors, the students performed their piece much to the delight of supporters in the audience who fully engaged the actors in the humorous scenes.  The dramatization sought to provide the students with a real life experience within the realm of theatre.

As Coordinator of the BCC’s Theatre Arts Programme Michelle Hinkson-Cox explained to Bajan Vibes: “The piece really came about because we only had one female in the graduating class so we needed to find a play that was suitable for so many males.”

Hinkson-Cox said after she had chosen the play and read it, she felt it was  necessary to make some changes.

“. . . Something was not resonating with me and I felt we needed to make it more about us and not about the colonizers. So I pretty much re-imaged the play from a carnival theatre perspective.”

“The students had an amazing time in rehearsal,” Hinkson-Cox added. “We put that Barbadian feel into the poetry and re-imaged the entire process [and] the students had a lot of fun.”

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