“Serious year” for Porgie and Murda

Local and regional fans of Ozzie Reid and Reshawn Ince, more popularly known by their stage names of Leadpipe and Saddis and Porgie and Murda, have a lot to look forward to this year.

The local entertainment duo has already started the ball rolling for 2017 with the release of their Fete Masters tune for the St Vincent carnival, better known as Vincy Mas’, which is scheduled for June 30 to July 11.

The duo, who burst on to the local entertainment scene in 2014 with their Condense hit and quickly rose to prominence, is scheduled to release the tune in Barbados next week, Reid told Bajan Vibes on the sidelines of Reggae on the Hill last Sunday.

]That tune was produced on the Group Chat Riddim label by New York-based Fryktion Muzik, which is run by St Vincent and the Grenadines-born producer Ramon Fryktion McDowall.

Opting not to give details at this time, Reid revealed “we have some more releases coming out. We have some Porgie and Murda music coming out. This year is going to be a very serious year”.

Reid said he was satisfied that Porgie and Murda and Leadpipe and Saddis have become household names in Trinidad. “There are so many people there as Trinis that embrace Leadpipe and Saddis, Porgie and Murda and it is so much love,” he said.

“It is like the moment we are there, we are Trinidadians as well. They just embrace us and show us that love and it is because in Barbados we bring great music,” Reid added.

Though pleased that Barbados continues to draw large crowds from overseas for various entertainment events, he cautioned that now was not the time for complacency as the island is “not there yet” in terms of reaching the zenith of entertainment.

“We came a long way and we still have a long way to go,” he said.

Reid, who has also done some local acting, said he is looking forward to a great Crop Over season this year.

“It could only get bigger,” he said.

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