Barrow’s departure from GAIA makes way for Boxill to take flight

Three months ago he was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) Inc. And Tuesday, Neville Boxill took over the GAIA reins.

Boxill confirmed to Barbados TODAY his appointment as Acting Chief Executive Officer of the GAIA Inc effective May 1, 2016, following the departure of David Barrow last Thursday at the end of his contractual period.

Barrow, the son of late Democratic Labour Party (DLP) founding father Errol Walton Barrow, and a qualified aircraft engineer with a wealth of work experience, was appointed to GAIA in April 2010.

His departure makes way for Boxill, the son and namesake of a former DLP minister in the Errol Barrow era, to take flight.

The younger Boxill served in a number of senior positions in the tourism industry, including aviation consultant to the now defunct Barbados Tourism Authority, and is a former senior director of support services at the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. 

10 Responses to Barrow’s departure from GAIA makes way for Boxill to take flight

  1. Tony Webster May 3, 2017 at 9:05 am

    Hmmm…as I am “greatly” provoked: Tony Webster…now retired from Barclays where he fished in “offshore waters”…and caught a few big ones too…now mainly “tired” ( not TOO tired). Descendant of one John Webster, duly listed on passenger manifest of the “William and Mary”, the second vessel to visit these shores ex Merrie England…and therefore, a direct relative of that (in)famous London pick-pocket/criminal/ politician. Further research to be done to establish if John Webster was “framed”; quite possibly, Cromwell might just have feared John might have stolen (sorry, pick-pocketed) his thunder, and coulda made an even better first Prime Minister and Chopper-Off of Kingly heads, and therefore…just banished my dear John to Barbados? Ah well….we’ll never know…

    Yes, all Verily, and writ-down on that passenger manifest at Trinity House!, H.Q. of the British Merchant Marine, thanks to that drat English bad-habit of writing-down evathing ‘cept when the King breaks wind!

    So much for modesty: nex’ time I pass, please tip hat…ladies may smile…and wink…(discretely).

    BTW: I tip my own hat to all loyal Bajans, those “sung” as Barrow, Boxhill et al; also those equally great, but un-sung; those who give their country, of their very best, and moreson to those who give more than they expect to receive. These are our true heroes: the average Joe; the average Jane. May they be blessed! True Bajans: Please Stand Up!

  2. BimJim May 3, 2017 at 9:10 am

    What in Hades is going on here… was there a coup? Did Boxill become Prime Minister and fire Barrow? Is it no longer normal for a Minister or the national Information Services to announce a new appointment? Are appointed people now to make their own announcements?

    This is very strange, to say the least, especially for such an important position. Barbados seems to have “gone to hell in a handbasket” – and does anybody there even give a rat’s ass any more?

  3. Fair and Balanced May 3, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Only certain people like ***** Tony Webster and BimJim get comments published on BT? If you are not anti government your comments are not published. Where is freedom of the press.

  4. Tony Webster May 3, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    @fear and unbalanced. Wif’ luv …and a dash of pity. Would like to mention you in my prayers…if only you had the guts to provide a name…

  5. Greengiant May 3, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Believe me people the only department at GAIA that communicates effectively is Air Traffic control. All others are on auto pilot, and particularly the engineering department is in a total mess with the wax queen who thinks she’s the iron lady melting under her own heat.

    If GAIA makes a profit, then with the proper management it can be a significant revenue earner for Barbados. Millions in work is being outsourced annually that can be done in house with proper management systems in place. I hope the new acting CEO has reported for work and not just for pay. I’m watching, as much will be exposed when the campaign bell rings.

  6. Independnt May 3, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    I find this acting appointment to be absolutely ridiculous. If he wasn’t the son of a former DLP cabinet minister, would he have gotten the positions he held since the DLP came to office? Richard Sealy moved him from the BTMI to the airport in January with all intentions of fast tracking him to this position while ignoring more experience candidates who are already members of Gaia’s management team. Nepotism at its best.

  7. Tony Waterman May 3, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    @Tony Webster!!!! will you PLEASE refrain from using Q.E.D in the WRONG WAY.
    “quod erat demonstrandum”: written or said after an argument to show that you have proved something that you wanted to prove.
    What did you prove, and to whom did you prove it???

    Barrow (DLP) to Boxhill (DLP) this is just a passing of the Baton, that makes one wonder, Who’s Next in Line for a Fat Contract that will NOT expire untol sometime AFTER the Next Election.

    That’s done here in Ottawa also, whwn there is apending Election, the Party in Power Stacks the Senate with all their Cronies, Lackeys, Yardfowls and Palin Cocks, Politics is the same wherever you go.

    ASk what you can do for your Country.
    Nt what your Country can do for you.

    That has NRVER Resonated in Barbados.

    Oh well!!!!!!

  8. Tony Webster May 3, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    @uthuh Tony: Ok….let’s just stick with Quite Easily Done…or even was that “That Which Was To Have Been Proven” . Correctamente? N’est pas? What’s an irritability quotient? Irritability Emolient?

    If everything else fails, I’m back to pickpocketing in London…to help them find 100 Billion Euros to ease their BREXIT headache. You think WE got problems?

  9. BimJim May 3, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    Tony Webster: I am also a Bajan living in Canada, and I 100% agree that politricks is pretty much the same everywhere. But whether others have problems or not, we should stop looking sideways at everybody else and our focus should be that our own BARBADOS has a problem and not try to compare it to others.

    The one comparison that might be brought (and not in a good way) is that 300K citizen Bados with its rapidly inflating 12 Billion dollar debt is now like the 350 million citizen USA with its 13 Trillion dollar debt. In such a comparison every Bajan now has a debt GREATER THAN each American (each in their own dollars).

    The BLP and DLP have BOTH mismanaged the affairs of Barbados with such ferocious and furious incompetence and greed for almost 50 years that the country stands – again – on the brink of devaluation. This is NOT the fault of average Bajans, it is the irrevocably fault of the two “Labour”parties, and it is well past time when the members of BOTH Parties are thrown in the Careenage and a brand new shift take over.

    I have heard of Boxill, and was introduced to him as the aviation advisor to the Minister of MBA during a time when I and others were seeking said Minister’s approval for an innovative plan to try and increase the island’s airlift. Shortly after that we learned that someone had “borrowed” our plans, proceeded with our ideas, and taken the credit – and it had to be either the Minister of MBA or Mr. Boxill, there were no others involved.

    Mr. Boxill later remarked that he hoped I did not think it was him. It was too grossly stupid a remark to respond to.

    I have my own business plans for returning to the Caribbean with substantial investment, but for a wide range of very good reasons – made more determined by the apparent self-appointment of Mr. Boxill – it will NOT be to incompetent, bureaucracy-bound, immovable, maximum-taxation, yard-fowl Barbados, and my plans will VERY DEFINITELY NOT be discussed in advance with either the Minister of MBA nor Mr. Boxill.

  10. Tony Webster May 3, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    @BimJim: generally agreed! Hope you can yet find valid grounds ( or hope) for still making a viable “go” of your investment plans. God help our youngsters…those that remain….as our Hon. Minister of Making Labour Legislation, said only this week in the Senate that “it’s a good thing” for them to take-off for greener pastures.
    Cor blimey….if enuf leave, GAIA bottom line might kick up. Yes? No?


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