TRINIDAD – Water is back, but protest continues

PORT OF SPAIN – After going without a water for three weeks, residents of Solomon Knox Road in Penal blocked the roads with burning debris on Tuesday, although a truck borne supply was provided, and the water being turned on in the taps to appease them.

Spokesperson Glenford Ramnarine said: “We have not had water for more than three weeks and someone tipped off somebody that we were going to protest and they send the water.”

Some of the protesting residents of Solomon Knox Road, Penal on Tuesday.

He said residents wanted to continue with the demonstration as it was something already planned and to send a stern reminder that people should not be forgotten.

Resident Andy Latchman said: “They (WASA) heard we having a protest and sent several trucks to give people water plus they opened the water main at full pressure and it has not cut off since. Where we going to put it now. When the trucks already pass and give us, they open that pipes. How that making any sense. Why did they do that when they could have sent the trucks to somewhere else that struggling for water while we got through the pipes. Like they not thinking about what they are doing and just doing things as they see fit. Just imagine in this times we have to protest still for water.

The Express understands that the councillor for the area, Diptee Ramnath visited the residents to reassure them that the regional corporation was doing the best it could, given the water shortage throughout the area.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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