BT and BYDC touch fire victims

Victims of a fire in St James have received some much needed assistance by way of Barbados TODAY’s Touch Programme in collaboration with the Barbados Youth Development Council (BYDC) and corporate Barbados.

The family received two large hampers full of food items, toiletries, pampers and school supplies.

Marketing Executive at Barbados TODAY Rabiah Butcher said the media organization felt compelled to assist Elizabeth Richards Miller and the other nine people who were affected by the April 19 blaze.

Samantha Edward (left) receives a hamper from David Williams of Barbados TODAY and Kimberley Richards (back row, right) receives a hamper from Marketing Executive at Barbados TODAY Rabiah Butcher surrounded by their children.
Head of Barbados TODAY’s Touch Team David Williams (right) presents Andre Richards with a hamper.

“Our readers and viewers are very important to us and at Barbados TODAY. We always believe we have a social responsibility to reach out and give back, so we hope that you enjoy these items and they would help to keep your family afloat,” she told the fire victims.

BYDC Vice President Krystal Hoyte said the Council also wanted to reach out and see how it could assist.

“A fire is always a tragic incident, but to have ten people affected by it, six of whom turned out to be children between the ages of two and 16, I knew that it would be difficult, especially getting them ready to go back in to school,” she said.

BYDC President Roshanna Trim (back row left), BYDC Vice President Krystal Hoyte (back row second left) and BYDC Treasurer Khalil Patel with the children and their gifts.

Hoyte said the Council sought to ensure that the children would be able to return [to school] with everything they needed.

“That was really important to the BYDC, as young people are at the heart of our Council, and we saw an opportunity to help a family in need and we partnered with Barbados TODAY, and with the assistance of corporate Barbados we were able to assist this family.”

Both organizations thanked Massy Distributions and Woolworth for fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and giving back in a big way to the fire victims.

Miller expressed gratitude for all the assistance she and her family have received so far, describing it as heartwarming.

5 Responses to BT and BYDC touch fire victims

  1. Ossie Moore April 28, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Awesome ! God is great .

  2. Ossie Moore April 28, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Where are all of the “Holy rollers, Hypocrites and Religious extremists ” who all come out jumping and screaming and giving us the heart touching rendition of George Beverly Shea’s ” HOW GREAT THOU ART ” when there is a non black family that need or needed assistance.

    Where is Dr. Paula Estwick and that lady Ms. Straker who was so happy that God had come immediately to that as bajans say ” caucasian ” couple who needed help a couple of months ago.

    Now the white God has helped a black family so there are no ” thank you God , God is great , we love you Holy father ‘ etc etc.

    . . . . . a bunch of hypocrites !

  3. gsmiley April 28, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Wow Ossie you’re really crazy aren’t you?

    Or just a complete paranoid schizophrenic.

    You have just gone off on some wild rambling tirade.

    Are you ok dude?

    • VoR April 28, 2017 at 10:27 pm

      I was just there wondering what I was reading at all.

  4. gsmiley April 28, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Wow Ossie you’re really crazy aren’t you.*


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