Konshens eyes exciting future

Back in 2008, Konshens, then a budding Jamaican dancehall artiste, vowed he was going to be a winner. He subsequently went on and delivered on this promise. An internationally recognized performer today, Konshens is soaring to even higher heights.

Konshens, real name Garfield Spence, was recently signed to international recording label, Empire, and is already showing that he can hold on his own with the best. Since the signing, he has done a collaboration with international superstar Chris Brown on a production of his hit song Bruk Off Yuh Back. The collaboration is already making waves around the world.

“The label is based in San Francisco,” Konshens explained. “I think it’s one of the main record labels for streaming music in the world right now. Most people don’t know about them but that’s just how they are. It’s going great and I look forward to great things. I think it’s the perfect deal for me because it gives me a lot of freedom and I can still have my label as well as being signed.”

In an interview with Bajan Vibes during a visit to the island last weekend, Konshens said his SubKonshus label is still very much up and running and is currently working on some exciting projects. He wasn’t quite ready yet, though, to let key details out the bag.

He would only say: “I have a rapper named Baker Stilz. I know it’s weird to hear about a rapper from Jamaica but you’ll soon hear about him. A lot of the youngsters are doing some experimenting where music is concerned and it’s not so limited anymore. They can branch off and do their own thing. I have two more artistes whom I don’t want to mention yet but stay tuned.” 

With regard to Konshens as the solo artiste, he remains focused on constantly evolving and trying new things. He showed his versatility on stage during a performance at Reggae on the Beach last weekend. He was last here in 2008 when he was booked to appear at Reggae on the Hill.

Konshens said while he was now doing lots of dancehall type music, he still had many reggae type songs in his newer catalog. “I would never leave out those type of songs. They’re always there in the catalog and there are new ones in that lane that are dropping but it was totally up to the promoters.”

“They must know why they chose Reggae on the Beach (for me to perform) as opposed to Reggae on the Hill. I think most of it was the appeal and they wanted to get the girls dem going for the beach party, the Gal a Bubble singer added. 

Konshens described Barbados as being like a second home to him and said he always enjoys performing here. “It’s always a good vibe being here. Whether it’s Reggae on the Beach or Reggae on the Hill or a show in a club, it’s always a good vibe to be in Barbados. Long time now I haven’t performed here. Last time I was here, there were major issues with the show so I wasn’t able to perform. It was really unfortunate.”

He said he hoped to visit again soon. “I am happy to be here once again. Thanks so much for having me. Hopefully I get lots more trips to Barbados. I don’t want to wait three or four years to come back again.”

Konshens, who is loved by many far and wide, thanked his fans for their overwhelming support over the years. He told them to expect even greater things from him in the near future. 

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