BAHAMAS – Car thief killed in shootout

NASSAU – Police shot and killed a car robbery suspect and critically injured another alleged thief during a high-speed chase in western New Providence yesterday afternoon.

The drama unfolded shortly after noon on Carmichael Road and ended after the suspects crashed their vehicle into a wall in Pride Estates.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean said officers arrested three men on the scene. Two of the suspects were taken to hospital where one man died a short time later. One of the men is listed in critical condition and the other suspect was unharmed during the shooting.

The scene in Pride Estates where two suspects were shot by police and two firearms recovered following a high-speed chase.

Senior ACP Dean said criminals should know “if you engage the police, be prepared for the consequences”. He said police suspect the men to be part of a car theft ring and can “assist police with a number of murder and robbery investigations.”

When The Tribune arrived at the scene there were more than 30 shell casings on the ground.

“What we have here is excellent example of text book police work, we told members of the public that the police will be out in full force to ensure their safety and peace and tranquility in our community. Despite some acts of violence I can tell you that police are out in full force in every area of New Providence,” Senior ACP Dean said.

“Today, officers from the Mobile Division were on patrol off Carmichael Road when they spotted a car with three suspicious men inside. The police suspected the car to be stolen. The officers beckoned to the vehicle’s driver to stop. Instead he took off at high speed. A chase ensued through several little communities of New Providence in the western area that ended here at Pride Estates, where the men crashed into a wall and left the vehicle and opened fire on the police. Officers returned fire and through the exchange of gunfire the police, who were well trained for instances such as this, were able to shoot two of the men, and arrested all three men. They are in custody and two handguns were recovered from the men.

“Two of the men were rushed to hospital where one died and one remains in critical condition.”

Senior ACP Dean said police want criminals to know that no matter when, where or how “we will find you and we will bring you to justice.”

“You will not destroy our country. We are telling you that the police will not stop. You cannot escape the arms of the law. You cannot escape the Royal Bahamas Police Force,” he said.

“We will be out there to find you, we will arrest you and take you into custody. This is just a warning to some criminal elements out there. We have a number of others we will be taking into custody and we are telling you do not challenge the police on the road, if you engage the police, be prepared for the consequences. Wherever the criminal might be we will find them and take them out.

“We are in the preliminary stage of our investigations and we can tell you, that we suspect them to be a part of a stolen car ring. We found several license plates in the vehicle and we also found that a plate that is on the vehicle does not belong to the vehicle. So we have a number of things we are going to be quizzing them on, we have had a number of armed robberies, we have had murders and we have a feeling these persons may be able to assist us with these investigations.”

Source: (Tribune242)

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