Jamaicans save the day

Up until 9:30 last night, the Digicel Reggae Beach Party could have been deemed an epic flop. But Jamaican dancehall artistes Demarco and Konshens proved the saving graces of the show.

Though hundreds came out at Pirates Cove for the annual event, the crowd was still noticeably smaller than previous years.

Demarco began his set at 9:30 p.m. sharp, and that’s when the party really started. The seasoned performer, who expressed his delight at being back in Barbados after a lengthy break, broke into some of his biggest hits and the crowd went wild.

Demarco brought the crowd alive during his performance.

He sang Love My Life, Puppytail, True Friend, Fallen Soldiers and other popular hits. And his instructed dance-off between some female members of the audience added to the entertainment.

His set ended promptly at 10:10 p.m.

Up next was the man everyone came out to see – Konshens. From the time the deejay began the introduction and the first lines of his song Bruk Off Yuh Back began playing, the crowd went wild and everyone drew closer to the stage.

Konshens was in fine form and delivered hit after hit for the appreciative crowd.

Konshens was no doubt the star of the show.
This patron was having a ball when Konshens came on stage.

He, however, had to be reminded to censor his lyrics and keep them clean. This was no problem for the singer, as he effortlessly sang the radio versions of his hits, with the crowd singing along with him, word for word, for almost one hour.

Konshens showed his versatility and sang from all genres of his repertoire.

His set included, Bad Gal, Gal A Bubble, Couple Up, Pull Up To Mi Bumper, Walk and Wine, Bruk Off Yuh Back, Fair-weather Friend and many more.

However, the end of his performance brought the beach party to a somewhat anticlimactic close, as the patrons appeared as though they were now ready to party.

Prior to the Jamaican artistes’ sets, the crowd seemed detached from what was happening on stage. They were hardly moving – expect to and from the bars, that is.

The Bajan artistes, who have now become staple opening acts at the annual beach party, gave mundane performances and did not live up to the high standard fans have grown accustomed to.

Of course, there are always those directly in front the stage who enjoy the performances no matter what, but the wider audience did not seem to have the same experience.

Bajan artistes such as Mole, Lady Essence, Scrilla, Marzville and Jah Reddis performed credibly, but not to the level the public has come to know and expect.

The performance by SK, Pumpydoo and the Dirty Harry team left the crowd buzzing with questions and some blank stares.

However, they, along with all other Bajan artistes who opened the show, tried their best to build the vibes of the few who came out early in the evening.

Please see Wednesday’s edition of Bajan Vibes for more coverage of the show.

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  1. Ejd April 25, 2017 at 6:18 am

    You deem them opening acts and they will always be received as such.


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