Bad ride

Taxi drivers put on notice

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant Friday put taxi men operating at Independence Square, The City on notice after two of their colleagues made an appearance in court.

Sheldon Dwayne Moore, 36, of Valley Land, St George appeared before the magistrate in the District ‘A’ Criminal Court Thursday accused of using the threatening words “I would barely come and blow off your head” towards Mark Aaron on April 12.

The situation was such that the magistrate requested that Aaron make an appearance in court Friday.

“Is this the culture up there, because just recently two other taxi men made an appearance in this court,” Cuffy-Sargeant said as she addressed Aaron, who replied: “No, Ma’am.”

However, Aaron, a taxi driver for the past 14 years, claimed that there had been some tension since Moore began operating at Independence Square.

Meantime, Moore, who said he had been a taxi operator for the last two to three years, told the magistrate Aaron “does drop a lot of talk at me every morning and he doesn’t like me because I get more work than he”.

Cuffy-Sargeant was not impressed.

“Get your act together,” she told the two men, especially the accused, adding: “You all are wasting my time in here.

“If this is the culture in Independence Square let them know that we are watching them. Y’all are in The City, so try to behave y’all selves. Learn how to operate in the same environment because it is a small area. I am warning the two of you, but more so the accused,” Cufy-Sargeant said.

Aaron told the magistrate he would not proceed with the matter if Moore was warned and promised to “keep his distance”.

The magistrate then asked Moore if he had anything to say to Aaron by way of an apology.

“I would like him to stop scandalizing my name,” Moore said at first, before adding “I am very sorry, it won’t happen again”.

He was warned not to interfere with, harass or threaten Aaron in anyway.

“Do not have anything to do with him,” the magistrate said as she dismissed the case.

“I feel like a school principal,” she added.

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